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While he has a great heart and bleeds blue and gold, he should have retired 3 years ago. He is killing our attack as lately has been taking 1 to 2 hit ups in each set. He offers no off loads and just wastes our plays
BA needs to get in his ear and tell him to stay away when we're attacking in the oppositions 20.

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Exactly right Phil, glad eels fans are slowly waking up to this imposter.

On the way to getting in his ear ... B.A should tap him on the shoulder instead !

Totally disagree. And I’ve been around long enough to know I’m the minority - which I’ll pay for.

2 things

1) he has been our most consistent forward this year (and is so most years). He NEVER gets driven back, rarely misses a tackle and has the fastest play the ball of the squad.

2) he takes the multiple hit ups simply because the other soft options won’t put their hands up to have a go. That’s actually called leadership.

And then you get a blog like this criticising it!

I saw him get driven back several times against the raiders. what he NEVER does is offload or bend the line or trouble the defensive line.

But every defender knows he will never offload so tackling him is easy

I think fans a very harsh on Mannah , reminds me a lot of Ben Kennedy in the way he inspires the players around him . 

Good to have you back Fong! Where you been?

I have been doing confession for he last 3 days to purge my soul . 

And how did you go Fong? Success I hope!


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