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While he has a great heart and bleeds blue and gold, he should have retired 3 years ago. He is killing our attack as lately has been taking 1 to 2 hit ups in each set. He offers no off loads and just wastes our plays
BA needs to get in his ear and tell him to stay away when we're attacking in the oppositions 20.

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Mannah ideally would be coming off the bench, but thanks to great planning by BA 

his our number 1 prop, blaming Mannah for our forward packs shit form is a joke

Mau should be the first one dropped, followed by Scott, Kaysa and Alvaro 

Agree hes having a go getting some meters but should be coming off the bench.
Manu on the other hand BA must be to scared to get up the bloke has been a deadset passenger
Guys seriously Mannah is our only problem not sure what you are watching, he at least has a go
He plays 20 minutes a game and makes 5 runs. Hes also the captain.

Meanwhile alex twal is capable of playing a full 80 at front row

MOST RUN METRES 142 V the raiders

How many of those metres were cheap ones off kick offs and drop outs???

He's a stats padder, a very poor mans Gallen.  The useless prick is starting to get in the way in the 20 like Gallen does as well.

If he is our best prop BA should be sacked on the spot for that alone.

True I wonder what these ppl want of him on the field
Wow I bet he Cld play 80mins but it’s a thing where at that 20min mark most forwards get a break

Have you actually watched Tim? He's dead set gassed after 10 minutes. He's well past it and offers nothing, especially in the captaincy department. If you haven't had other clubs fans laughing at you about Tim being out captain you're in the minority.

Mannah was the best forward last week.
Micks 100% correct


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