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Love the selections. Would be exactly what i wouldve picked. Go the blues!!!










10. Klemmer








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There bench looks a bit thin in size
I would of had Shannon Boyd instead of chrichton.. Peachy is a very good selection on the bench can cover everywhere

I'm glad Cook is in the team, best hooker in the Comp ATM

A lot better then what Laurie would of picked
Shanon Boyd is a dead set bum
Bench is fine. Most of the forwards starting can play long minutes
I rate Shannon Boyd, his game for Canberra the other night he was so hard to tackle and was making yards for ease.
This team can put a lot of points on but will certainly leak a few. Roberts, Mitchell and Maloney are amongst the worst Defenders in the comp. Should be a high scoring entertaining game. I personally would have had turbo and Aitkin in the centres latrell in one wing. Certainly a courageous selector Ol Freddy.
I wanted

2. JAC
3. Mitchell
4. Turbo
5. Cotric

But I can easily live with this

RCG vs NAPA.....first time in a while I’m looking forward to State of Origin 

Jack Debelin over Jake Trbojevic is interesting?

What! No tigers? No Eels? Uhhh who else...Cordner the only Sharks...One Rooster...what’s going on here? The team should have been half Roryers and half sharks, Uncle Nic will be upset!

Vaughan unlucky not to be starting and Klemmer very lucky to be in the side at all. I would have given Sims a gig and even Merrin or Ryan James ahead of Klemmer. And I don't rate Tedesco as highly as some, he just hasn't got that passing game that's needed. I would have Turbo at fullback and Cotric on the wing with Aitken in the centres instead of Roberts.

Makes no difference, Qld will still spank them
If nsw can’t beat that qld team they named they should just get rid of origin all together


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