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Reported that the Dragons have meet with Norman & offered a $800k per season offer. 

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Is he goes I'll loose it at the eels. Why would they let him go? Surely we can offer that same money!

I doubt he will get an 800k+ offer from us but I'm obviously only guessing there, he might be so vital to Brad that he is forced to pay that much, he certainly doesn't deserve 800k imo but if somebodies willing to pay it theres the argument that thats exactly how much he's worth.

He may not deserve it but what options do we have? he is the best playmaker off contract at the moment, would you rather luke kelly

I agree he may not deserve it but if Junior is worth $750k and Foz $1.2M, then Normans worth $800k.
Dragons offer Norman 800k to force Eels to 800k, leaving the Eels kitty a bit dry, so that the Dragaons can offer Hayne a million. Classic baiting the market. Bait offers don't indicate market value, only market manipulation, unless you're oblivious to how banks set rates!
See ya. Normie

We have to retain him.

Good luck to him if true...
Over this shit

I recon there might even be a few sweeteners to take it above the 800k mark, the Saints are at where we were a few years ago, it will be a real big tempting offer, theyll have to pay big time overs to get him.

He's complete dogshit Snakey! I haven't seen anything from this clown that even resembles a decent 100% week in week out footballer. More like 50% on a good day!

They r probably so desperate for a decent playmaker to complement Widdop that a player with Norman's ability is worth the cost. It will be interesting to see if we can retain him. If not then 2017 will be another "rebuilding year".


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