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We are in need of some size, and he has it, about 6ft 4 and 115 odd kilos. Kid can play and has a big future. May want out of a club going nowhere. Thoughts?

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Totally agree and his brother also
Knights are trying to rebuild. The Saifiti bros are very talanted and exactly what they need moving forward. They won't be going anywhere

Good players and agree here; the knights need these guys imo. Not a Knight's fan but like seeing them do well..huge area for league and imo NRL need them to be strong.

Exactly what I was thinking Mitchy and 20eel.

Whilst first wish is for us to win a GF I would like to see Newie rebuild. So leave them where they are.

On a side note has any heard how Pauli Pauli is going after he's car crash earlier in the year

Ye I would try to get them

Knights will go alright next year although they should have thrown the brown paper bag at Gagai.

Gagai's a shit defender. That's why he only signs big money deals with ordinary clubs.

Knights still owned by nrl so can't offer anything extra. Shows as well when look at roster of nrl owned teams. Makes mockery of salary cap as just proves the uneven field if have play by rules.
Magnus Stromquist has been a really handy pickup for wenty. he's a prop. big boy, young and can play 80 minutes.
Wenty haven't lost since he joined 3 games ago.

Could be the surprise packet. None seems to know if he is on a Wenty or Parra contract.

Everyone knows he's on a Wenty contract because the Eels haven't said a word about him and he doesn't appear in any of the training photos.

Fair point.


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