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I DECLARE 1EE OFF SEASON OPEN - Cop that Super lol

I announce 1ee off season OPEN!!!

That means blogs of any topic are permitted and cannot be shut down for bleeding heart, leftist, snow flake or beta c****** reasons....

Cop that Super ;)

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Bring on the cricket blogs


How bout those illegals who were gonna get eaten by crocs? 

NFL time

Go niners, unfortunately they just lost their new #1 running back McKinnon for the season after tearing his ACL at practice.


Shows how much you know Snake - Its ORF SEEZUN! because our season has been OFF since round 1.

Did our season even start, seriously it was over before it began how farken depressing 

I think this about sums it up for fans.

Image result for due to a complete lack of interest this year has been cancelled

How about those damn Muslims.


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