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To be honest i don't mind Norman i don't think he is the main issue!!! our number 9 position is a big issue forwards also but all in all our hole team has underperformed this year. Even BA it can't be all his fault either I'm lost for words.

Who would entertain the idea of the Cleary's coming to Parramatta Ivan & Nathan would it be possible to lure them to the club & what would be a reasonable price? Norman & BA would be on decent coin!!!

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If possible for 2020, Parra should be looking to throw everything at them. Unfortunately I think we are stuck with what we have for 2019.

I would love to see both come to Parra. It would be a great combination if we had Cleary at 7 Norman at 6 Hayne at 1 if he stays and at 9 who knows may be push Moses into 9 and make him earn his keep as he is no good as a half or just get rid of Moses and find a decent 9.

Yep both clearys are the catch - 

see ivan as better than Bellamy imo 

I think Craig Garvey else be a good nine
He won the match for Mounties today
So many good hookers. I would hate to be a young rake coming through.

We have the current Qld u/20's Origin Hooker.

WE don't need another young one, just an experienced one to mentor  Mahoney and lead our pack. 

Farah, Luke, Hodgson are the types.....Friend, Smith on the way out.....can anyone think of anyone else? 

Koroisau would be a good pick up. I have watched Jazz Tevaga fill in for Isaac Luke on quite a few occasions this year and he has been very good, playing on average 50 minutes in 11 games, he could be a good option at a reasonable price and could work well with Mahoney.

Nathan Cleary being only 20 has yet to establish how good he is as a player. Could be another 2-4 years. Having missed half of season on the sideline didn't help. I could handle them both at Eels but it will be a huge call for him to leave Panthers.

To think, there were those that thought Moses a NSW chance over Cleary ...Moses looks like chook with no head in comparison. Nathan showed he is all about composure the moment he stepped into NRL... and exactly what ANY side needs especially us! Outside of couple of decent games last year,  I really think Moses signing was one of BAs worst calls and always did... he never was gonna be stable and composed enough to steer this ship. I actually prefer we keep Norms with a Cleary Widdop style partner...but who?

I much prefer Norman too Macy but I wonder what is going on off the field! Norman only lacks consistency and a good half beside him. Widdop nice dream Macy would be good though.

Green is another that would pair well....yeah all dreaming coz at end of day we can’t afford to pay any amount out or further stunt our tpa less cap anyway aka Ricky style. The only chance is if the early unhappy player/ manager rumour has any legs (or how bad the wanting finals footy wish is ;)?

A top notch exp hooker like Hodg would help situ? 


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