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The Parramatta National Rugby League Club is pleased to announce the signing of Jarryd Hayne for the 2018 season.
Jarryd has today expressed excitement at the prospect of returning to the Club he supported as a child and resuming a relationship with our players, Members and fans.
“As I said yesterday, my decision to return to Sydney wasn’t taken lightly so I am grateful that Brad and the Eels have offered me the opportunity to return to the Club,” Hayne said.
“Eels Members and fans have been behind me throughout my career and I want to use this second chance to repay that faith and support.”
“I look forward to returning to training in early January 2018 and am keen to work hard and play my part for the team in building on last year’s finals run.”
Parramatta Eels CEO Bernie Gurr said that the Club was pleased that one of its most talented local juniors has returned home.
“Jarryd started playing for our Club as a 15 year old, so we are pleased that he now has the opportunity to return and be part of a strong squad and playing culture that Brad Arthur has developed over the past few seasons.” Gurr said.
“From speaking with Jarryd, he is keen to join his teammates in early January and is committed to working with Brad and our players to build on our excellent 2017 season. Jarryd’s abilities will strengthen our 2018 player roster and we look forward to again seeing Jarryd in the Blue & Gold”.

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I’m very happy, and my mate spanner would be too. This is a good thing.
Welcome back home Jarryd.
Now to put in the work to make the nay sayers and haters eat their words.
You beautttyyy!!!
Welcome back my love!
The only person who cant cheat on me and ill still take u back
Haha I'm a little bit pleased myself... Not very often I get what I want in nrl land. They must've held off showing him the new strip :)
January the fat buggar should be training now.


He just played for Fiji for 6 weeks... he is entitled to a month out

100% lurker - dont need burnout before a ball has been kicked!

This is enough to break my off season hiatus.

Welcome home, Jarryd!!
I dont want to get my hopes up but shit iam excited.

Welcome home lad

So is it a 1 year deal
Also am I a hypocrite for loving him again now that he is back


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