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Hate to break the news.. It was Cameron King that cost us 2 tries

The first one was 50% on Manu to be fair, but Cameron went for the legs and missed by 100 miles. 

The second one was embarrassing, got completely manhandled and thrown out of the way. Taka did what he could covering up the scraps. 

Don't believe me look at the replay closely. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZqLP90Ish0

FYI third try was Auva'a's miss but I guess with Norman lying on the floor injured and Moses in the bin it didn't really help. Gutho will take his spot. 

Easy fix for Manly, Kaysa replaces Cameron. Kenny needs a spot. 

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Lol Top Dawg, tell your fat Dogs to drop some weight bro, our players could do two laps around your whole squad before one of your slow doughnuts could even bend there knees for the tackle... Too many belmore Kebabs. 

Says the bloke whose club released Graham and Kasiano and signed Sharon Softwood, the most over-rated prop in the game!!!! I'd love Damian Cook at 9, ohhh hang on you blokes released him too. I'd also like JT at halfback, but surely nobody would release him? You've got far more problems in the backyard at Belmore than we have Top Flog...

It's not top Dawg, its the pathetic fool Gwunta.

good post dawgy, by giving King your stamp of approval over Pritchard tells me which is the better player, and its not who played yesterday either.

Play king and will smith rotation. Simple.


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