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Currently going on between Handscombe and Marsh. In my opinion in terms of pure batsmanship better than any of the flat track bully stuff that we see from the likes of Warner in Australia. Great to watch

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Outstanding effort, i gave Marsh a good bagging the other day, credit to him here, getting some runs when it really counts.

The bagging was warranted until literally today Snake haha
I have bagged him too, generally because he gets to 40 odd and throws it away. This innings could really kick start a few good years for him if he sees it out.
Yeah finally Marsh earning his spot

I was a big fan of Marsh until about 2 or 3 years ago, he has talent but not the mental toughness for test cricket, he has been given more chances than any other player I can remember yet still hasn't cemented his spot.

and there you go, out for 53, not good enough, he needed to get a hundred today.

Well said. Never been a fan of Warner and his ego. Love watching Hanscomb play
Shut up you lot !!!!!

Marsh batting for his career and Aus for the series.

Great stuff today!!!

What's marsh at now ?


It's great to see the Indians unravel, they can't believe that we have put up such a great fight.

Well done to both of them fantastic partnership.


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