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Joey has ruled himself out if Daley resigns. He's a soft c*** always offering he's advice and critising the way nsw plays. F*** we are in trouble if Freddy the astronaut takes over. When will we realise that great players don't make great coaches. Perfect example Wally Lewis was legend on the field but he was a shit coach.

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I reckon Nathan brown from the knights would do OK. His used to coaching players who don't belong at the level their playing at as opposition team have twice as much class as them. His team will compete for 40-60 minutes and just when you think they might find a way to win find yet another way to lose.
Fits right in with the last 6 or so coaches who had a crack.

Fittler is a mumbling dope. He fluked his way coaching the Rooters.

Firstly, I don't think it much matters who the coach is as NSW simply doesn't have the talent to compete with QLD. However, unfortunately if  Fitler were to be coach, he would be much the same as Daley. He is way too much of a lad to get the respect of the players. On thursday there was a show on Fox that had both Kevin Walters and Laurie Daley on for an Origin post mortem.

It was clear to me that Daley as nice a guy as he ,simply has no cnut in him, he is not ruthless enough, where as Kevvy is the exact opposite and the proof of that is when he stood down those players last year. BTW I'm not saying Kevvy is a cnut, I sure he is a great bloke, but he doesn't try to be every bodies mate. 

Fitler and Daley seem like the type of guys who struggle to shirt front people and if they ever did they would almost apologize for raising a concern. And when you dealing with precious low IQ footy players, that's no a recipe for success.

All my opinion only.

Flanagan or Brad Arthur would be ideal but they're committed to their respective clubs so I can't see them doing it. The only other options would be:
1) Jason Taylor,
2) Brad Fittler,
3) Geoff Toovey
4) Frankie Fong ( bush coach extrodinar)
Or(5) Peter Stirling .
Slipperyeel I would bet anything that the poor doctor who delivered you commited suicide not long after to our came into the world , the indignity that poor doctor would have felt after delivering you would have been just unbearable.

Do ya really think the coach is the problem. Maybe as the team selected was ordinary.i rember Gould's statement after game 1 how NSW was a champion team as even the bench were starting players in the NRL. So what you ended up with was a team of champions with no learders no plan or how to control a game.

LOLL Frankie, your funny.
Rooster coach or Sharks coach Flanno. Need tactics & a team with desire, not a team carrying injury that are soft c$&ks!!
You are all describing sterlo.... his time has come


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