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Eels to sign 16 time Origin forward before 2018 deadline

After Cameron King copped yet another injury in the Eels floppy start to 2018, the head-honchos at Parramatta are apparently looking into Robbie Farah as a potential solution to the hooker problem.

Farah's unwanted at South Sydney, and they would be willing to pay 50% of his contract. With Parramatta having some space in the cap, it's just a matter of agreeing on the finer points.

Expect this to be announced before the Eels take on the Tigers in Round 4.

Thoughts - do you think Farah will make us better?

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Thought he was going to Canberra

From what I've heard, he'd prefer Parramatta due to the chance to be a long term starter, rather than a backup.

Everyone wants to come to Parra and play under BA Fong you know that.

And the boys all love playing for BA as well.

The big question is will BA offer him a 3 or 4 year contract.


Won’t happen.

BA is happy to have kaysa and king for 2017.

theres a reason we haven’t signed another hooker and that’s  Reed Mahoney. 

Rejected peats, rein and whoever else, have faith wait till this kid gets his chance. 

We’re still stuck in 2017 mind frame, Mad Mick and I thought we signed Pam Anderson as our Hooker, to flash those jugs of hers ...mmmm maybe I was reading the wrong article...

At 20 years old Mahoney might be another year or two away from NRL. I suppose the club needs to decide whether our current hookers can do the job and if not, then an experienced hooker at the end of his career on a 1-2 year deal might be the way to go. That would take Robbie to 36 though. I reckon this year is his last, so not sure if he would be the right player.

I think they will stick solid and look towards the future, don’t even be surprised if he is called up this year

I agree It would be a great idea but I don’t think Farah is any better then King and Pritchard. 

Farrah may be behind his best years but he may also be the best person to teach mahoney and get him to nrl level quicker. Kaysa and king arnt nrl standard hookers neither would make the bench on any consistent top 8 team

Can we f****** not
You seriously think king and shity Pritchard are better then farah lol they are concussed every 2nd week and can't tackle.


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