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What the f*** is wrong with this mob.

Who here can tell me who I need to contact about getting the 2 polo shirts I ordered 3 weeks ago for father's day? 3 unanswered emails, no call backs or updates on my order, it's b*******.

I'm not one to complain but I've already had to go through the embarrassment of telling my old man and my father in law that i did infact get ya a shirt and i wasn't a total tight c***.

This shit right here is like nothing i have ever experienced with any other Australian company, are we that hopeless that we don't even look after our fans?

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there was a buy 1 get 1 free at the eels store yesterday bahhahah
You'll need to speak with Ricky . He is the clubs Oneeyed ambassador , either him or any of the Burnie Gurr circle jerkers shoud be able to at least re-assure you that the clubs doing a fine job and even if you don't ever receive your shirts , it's all about the contribution you've made to the cause .

Personally I'd just call fair trading and lodge a complaint. But that's just me .
I've had excellent service from them in the past. I'm still waiting on Will Smith's indigenous jersey from the Roosters game to arrive. I paid for it 2 weeks ago. That baby set me back $620. Every day I come home expecting the express post package to be at my door. I've emailed but didn't get a reply.
They let alot of people go last year and schook up several departments including the merchandise department and its suffered since
Maybe the lesson here guys is that you should be buying your gear from parranambucca .
The journey continues. Fking hopless
Log it with fair trading . It's the only way these clowns will get a wake up call . These days companies think they can cut heads and use that as an excuse for poor service . I've read on here so many times from the clubs fanboys that becasue they've culled staff they somehow get a pass for bad service .

Just because they're making their bottom line look good doesn't mean the consumer has to accept their reduction in performance. Log it and you watch how quick you get some action .

Definitely log it with fair trading and then inform the club you've done that. 8843 0300 is the Eels Store phone number.

Mods, Super has clearly had his account hacked into here, can somebody please look into it.

Does anybody live near the store local who can go in with MBs details and get some action?


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