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Correct EE, in fact if nothing else it at least should remind them that there's plenty of guys and gals out there that have to work far harder jobs than them for far less cash that start at 3am and finish after a hard 10-12 hour slog. No matter what the club and coaches do, some people are going to bag them, must be so sad living that kind of life where everything is negative.

Stop making sense please fellas....

Where does it say this training is about game day scenarios?

i didn’t see that part....

If this was genuine from BA & the coaching staff they wouldn’t of had the cameras there...

Now wake up to the real world.  Cameras are part and parcel of everything these days, right out wrong.

Is that Hayne I see lurking well in the background, in the fog, with his binos?

The 3am session was a simple reasoning the boy's were going home that day and the coaching staff after spending the journey driving up listening to the boys talking shit about there crappy social media profiles and clothing lines etc. the coaches said 'F this lets get them so tired they sleep on the way back'

I've been starting at 2-3am for the past 6 months, quite enjoy it now when I managed to get enough sleep around it...

Looking at that pic of Evans, hopefully the idea is working... his face screams what a nightmare? what am I doing here ?

3am in Armidale is not a very pleasant experience at all.  I worked into the place for somewhere like 9 years at different hours of the day, mainly at night & early morning, it was utterly freezing in the winter, not much better at night in summer at times either.

That fog is typical of this time of the year and into Autumn as well.  I shivered as I looked through the pics.

Apparently BA knocked on Gutho's door, walked in and he was pitching a tent.

BA slipped under the covers for a while and both ended up late for training.

Traffic they said.

Remember the Titans


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