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Des Hasler to sign long term head coaching role at Manly lol

Just mentioned on the news, this is the definition of madness and desperation from the Eagles.

Brilliant work from Des's manager.

This will end in tears with a big early payout.

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NO it will work out for them, they will just go back to rorting the cap and make big back ended deals.

Everything always works out for manly. The best possibilities would be Neil Henry or Jason Taylor but of course they get the best option

Watch the exodus of players

Oh geez parra suk can we get more bad ewa
Ahh this is Manly...

Des Hasler is a good coach! He just wasn't suited to the Bulldogs! He's a Manly guy through and through! I reckon it work out for him.

Shame they didn't offer it to BA

Wonder if he's getting the band back together and Toovey rides his coat tails again.

Parra keen on DCE 

Quality coach with a proven record.

Great outcome for Manly who have landed themselves a 4x GF appearing and 2x Premiership winning coach after initially staring down the barrel of signing a proven dud like Cartwright or Henry.

Hasler's problems were with players that are no longer at the club. If you listen to Watmough's podcast he explains why he left in the first place. All the players he pissed off at Manly are long gone like.

It's up to des now he has a 3 year offer on the table he should take it. Des might clear the decks to get more cap room. 


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