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Knocks ons over the line. Drop balls off forwards and terrible 5th tackle options. Some comfort in knowing we aren't the only team with no real game plan

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Ryley Jacks isn’t that good.

That was the worst game of football I have watched

That prick that hit Matt Scott from behind late in the legs and then purposely pulled his bad leg should’ve been sent off . He deserves 4 weeks for that shit .  Scott will likely miss Origin from the way he was hobbling around after that . 

yeah i thought that was disgraceful....................i was chatting with my mum during the game about this and how its become a blight on the game...players targeting recently injured players and trying to re-injure them. bad sportsmanship, no two ways about it

We arent as bad as the cowboys. Grand finalists, multiple origin players ,Two dally m winners in there team yet they only have three wins to show for it. At least our team isnt up to stratch
Watch the unicorn dopes come out and say it's all fine because the Cowboys are one win ahead of parra. Talk about accepting mediocrity. please
Who sayed it was fine. I don't recall anyone saying it's an acceptable performance just drawing a comparison between do teams performing poorly.

No it's great hearing people like you and your  broken record and violin out every other post crying like a baby but having a solution for nothing though that's helping the team alot though.

Cowboys are boringly predictable - I think Paul Green and Brad Arthur must be in constant contact on what to (not) do next.

A decent team would have flogged the Storm tonight.

Did you hear the comment "Storm have the SECOND WORST completion rate in the comp" - CRIKEY, could we have a chance of beating them? *sigh*

Wasn't Paul Green a coach we should be chasing? Yes I remember, it don't matter he doing no better then then our current coach, he won a comp. With some very handy roster that he inherited, but that's not the point.

Wheeling out the old "the Cowboys are shit so it's ok if we're shit" excuse eh Timmy?

Give it up dude.

C'mon ME - you should know by now that on 1EE there is an ART to glorifying our losses and making them sound like world defeating accomplishments.

SHEESH I can see the dreaded ORF SEEZUN MALADY is starting to get a hold on you.

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