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I want to make it clear that I don't believe Parra should be awarded the competition points because the Titans breached the concussion rules. However, i do believe the Titans should be stripped of the points as well as St George. Last year Parra lost competition points for gaining an unfair advantage over the rest of the competition, in my opinion that is what both the Titans and Stgeorge gained on the weekend.

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I don't think having a concussed player on the field is much of an advantage.

mate, with all due respect if you can't see the advantage of not having to take your half back or fullback off for 10 minutes and reshuffling your team for the period then I don't know how to explain it to you.

Well, if by advantage you mean not having to put up with the massive disadvantage of removing key players and shuffling your team, then I guess it's an advantage. But why should the other team get an advantage just because your player got concussed? Especially if they caused it.

The HIA rule is to protect players' health, not to disadvantage his team. If the player is able to keep playing then that's his business. If he was really concussed he would be a liability.

Massive advantage
The rules set out by the governing body is simple a player MUST come from the field for an assessment. It does not matter if you or I believe this is an over action by the NRL, the rules are the rules. The Titans deliberately with intent decided not to follow the rules inforced on every club and gained an advantage from it.

They didn't gain an advantage, they decided against taking the disadvantage of having to take a player off the field. The player didn't do anything to deserve going off. If one of our key players got a head knock and knew he was ok to play on I would hope we'd cop the fine as well instead of losing him for what could be a pivotal moment of the game.

That's the point mate, the Titans made a decision not to follow the rules because it didn't suit them. The NRL does not believe they followed the rules hence the fine. The Titans are free to make that decision, they are however not free of the consequences of that decision. I simply believe the consequence should be a loss of competition points not monetary fines.
Every time a player is forced to leave the field for a HIA it has impact on that team. Unde your logic we should leave it to the players and trainers to make that decision and when they get it wrong pay the fine. I think you are not grasping what the NRL are trying to achieve with the concussion tests.

The NRL are just trying to cover their arses. If players didn't want to spend the rest of their lives with health issues they wouldn't be playing professional rugby league.

Remember the NRL own the Titans, so really what was their punishment? Why would Niel Henry be scared to put players welfare before results when the punishment is his employer fines itself?
I agree to an extent Brad. The Titans didn't really gain an advantage over us but they cheated the rules whatever you may think of them. The only thing that is going to stop teams continuing to do it is to threaten to strip them of points. A fine won't do it especially with a club like the Titans which is currently run by the NRL anyway.
I will except that the Titans team did not improve throughout the game because they didn't follow the rules. The advantage they received was keeping their half back on the field. Injuries are part of the game and the NRL has ruled that concussions are injuries. They cheated the rules and I don't believe the penalty fits the crime especially when the NRL owns the tits
I thought that with twenty minutes to go the Titans had used only four interchanges? Bit of an advantage there maybe? And where is the pain in the owner of a club fining that club. Money goes from one pocket to the other.


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