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This has always been the biggest joke in rugby league how can you possibly police the cap when there’s no cap on third parties? Hope you scream loud Bernie and make some noise about this

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Sorry I did mean to say Bernie

It is a joke and I am happy to call it, the Roosters, Broncos, Storm as a minimum are playing under different cap rules.  All happily sponsored by the NRL and the old, look the other way.  No team in the NRL is on the same playing field. Wake up NRL, people know it and you lose credibility every day.

I agree, EE it’s becoming an absolute joke. I mentioned to a bloke at work today about the Eels in the semis and all he could say was they ‘chocked’ but I disagreed and said no they were ripped off by an unfair system. He’s a Broncos fan by the way. They were (Eels) clearly the better team when they played the Storm but were ripped off because the NRL wanted the Storm to win that game and the Premiership.
If Grenturd had any idea, just publish the total registered TPAs for each club , not individuals as that would be a breach of privacy

Fans would understand that perhaps their club needs to work harder ( even though that's against the spirit of the issue), and also see through the uneven playing field it creates

Same as the player manager investigation, the NRL under Greenturd doesn't want to upset the clubs that provide the most support to the hierarchy

whatever happened to that the investigation into player managers? transparency is not a priority for greenturd and the NRL

Deadset with TG it is more than just appeasing Politis and the rest, it is about protecting himself.

As I mentioned on here a couple of weeks ago there was an article in the Herald regarding the player manager investigation. What it said was that it was unlikely to go ahead in order to protect someone in the NRL administration.

They lined this up with a story about John Grant going out and doing a secret investigation into the Perrett contract at the Dogs without telling the Integrity unit. Problem was Grant met with the wrong Player manager who had a similar name to Perret's manager. His cover was blown and the investigation stopped.

Which is why the Eels out of desperation resorted to dodgy TPD's. To try any way possible to join "the premiership club" I.e teams with a bottomless bucket of corporate sponsor opportunities.
Without being dodgy and somehow getting away with it, there is no chance of being truly competitive.
It's no fluke that Melbourne Brisbane NQ and Sydney are always in the finals.
TPA were meant to allow players access to genuine sponsorship from outside sources but has become a joke with payments from rich supporters.
If you look at value of some TPAs and what value was given in return for it. Did the players do any advertising, meet and greets etc for company supplying the payment and was it worth the amount of $$. Straight away you would see the system is a joke as what value do small local businesses giving players between 20-50 grand to journeymen nrl players considering they can not use players image or appearance in nrl gear or team colours.
What is difference between parra inviting TPA suppliers to a corporate box function and the thoroughbreds for broncos having access to bronco functions and the sheds after games.
If Nrl forced every person entering the sheds before and after games to show ID and then did a simple search, I am sure they would find half the no names in there are connected via TPAs the clubs aren't supposed to offer incentives for.
As for not using TPAs to entice players why can players sign on massive unders at certain clubs then walk away with plenty more $$ once TPAs added to salary.
Plenty of media, players and those involved in game admit they know rules broken by everyone yet nothing done. Why doesn't afl have this problem or even the A-league. Cause they police cap and rules
Where's Super ? I've been banging on for years about how players salaries should be published and he's been the biggest opponent to this . Now I've got Bernie on my team I wanna know if he's changed his tune ?

Ps - whilst I agree with your point , Bern just worry about getting us a team sponsor before you worry about what bloody TPAs players are getting .
Publishing player salaries/earnings has pros and cons. It would also potentially have tax and financial implications for the players. I say just publish the total earnings of all players within a club as an aggregate - this includes club salaries, TPAs, endorsements and any other earnings.

The issue is with the clubs, not the individual players. And it's too easy to mount a defence against releasing individual player salaries. Much harder to defend against overall club visibility.
What’s the big deal?
The ATO finds out what they’re actually earning? That can only be a good thing for the economy at large. Welcome to our world where every cent earned is scrutinised.
Yeah I'm lost with your point Captain ? Why would the player have any tax issues if they're doing everything above board ?

You're pretty much saying that publishing players salaries to ensure the salary cap is working is bad because then they can't cheat the cap with undisclosed income are you ?


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