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So why can’t we retain Hayne? Why can’t we utilise TPAs? Not a level playing field. Surely you can work that out.

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Sneaky Pete for PM
Yet we re-signed Kaysa and Gower, what a f****** joke of a club! The management are a disgrace!

Meanwhile, Canterbury of all clubs, may be able to offer a contract!

I think Canterbury realised which players of theirs were getting paid more than they were worth and luckily enough for them other clubs have wanted those players.

Moses M'bye is a perfect example, not sure how much he was on but I bet it was a lot and he's not worth a lot in my eyes.

From all reports, Canterbury had to fit 11 players into 800K. Offload Klemmer maybe and now Hayne is in their sights? What to believe?

Yeah they were never going to fit the required players in, then all of a sudden they went on a signing spree with nothing said. Now they're looking to release Klemmer, who apparently isn't happy because he's only on $400K and his Aussie team mates are on huge salary cap sombrero Roosters, Storm, Broncos type money. So they release him and free up $400K, but are now linked to Tom & George Burgess and Hayne - not sure they'll all want to sign for $130K each?????

Gower isn't the worst player on the squad mate.

At least you know what your going to get with him on minimal money compared to Moses and Norman (virtually a lottery).

The club doesn't have enough hard workers like Gower in the squad.

Your gripe with management should be about Norman, Moses and Jennings on way way too much money.

Maybe they don’t want him at the club? 

Exactly Wiz, I get the feeling they were happy to give Hayne similar to what he was on last year and are just playing hard ball with him.

That's exactly right Wiz.

After us giving him the release mid contract to join the NFL , and then him sitting on the sidelines for virtually most of last season  , you’d think he’d be scrambling for the nearest pen to ink a 500k deal if that’s the case .  He’s pretty much made himself the laughing stock of the NRL right now with all this drama .  The longer it goes on for the less likely he is to even land a 500K contract at another club . 

What will happen is he will end up accepting the same or less than we offered and end up playing at another club that he will again struggle to find his mojo at .  Jayrrd might be better off heading to England in my opinion and be a superstar over there for a few years . 

IIRC, he wasn't granted a release mid contract - he was about to sign a new one and said "nah mate, I'm off to the NFL to follow my dream".

All the media at the time was how we was on the cusp of signing the biggest contract in the games history but he walked away from it.


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