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I was looking forward to that.

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I think when Brett started posting dic pics it went downhill . I blame the on campus rape culture ..
Was just trying to drag you out Brettles .

I think Nick Politis demanded it be shut down

Damn i wasnt able to comment in it, thanks Princess snowflake sir supereel for my 24 hour suspension lol, you know where you can shove that you snotty nosed little club c***, you can kiss my ass with your selective moderation super, your catty little punishments dont faze me, they only make me more determined and erode respect for you.

You cant silence me although its cute you think you can.

Have a nice weekend mate.

Carlos on a 24 hour ban as well . She was sending some pretty graphic stuff to my inbox and I just had to report her .

LOL, youre not the only one.

What the hell am I in trouble for lol !?

Sending graphic material!

Oh you wish , I never send graphics .....


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