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Arthur to wait until year's end to make a decision on Hayne

“Yeah look, he’s played well a couple of games since he’s been back (from injury),” Arthur said when asked if there have been any developments in Hayne’s contract situation for next season.

“He just needs to keep going back-to-back with performances and efforts like that and then we’ll see where it get to at the end of the year.

“But he’s more than comfortable to wait and see what happens at the end of the year.”

Arthur added when asked specifically about Hayne’s performance against the Knights: “He was really good.

“The plan was that we thought we could get some opportunity down our left and I would have seen us go there a touch more at the back-end of the game … we needed to get the ball to him a touch more there.”


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He says Hayne has to keep performing well to see about his contract. Thats calling the kettle black. You wouldn't even get a gig in the bush if it was based on your performances

Agree with u 100%
It's all good because ba is planning to use Hayne's money to re-sign French for another 5.
French must have the world record of being dragged or taken over the sideline
Someone else will sign him then
I’ve got a very very bad feeling about this

Im on the fence about this. Hayne was great last night and he looks fitter now than in a long time.

The problem is that Hayne only plays well when his contract is up for renewal.

Best to keep him to 1 year contracts to avoid complacency

nah won’t work he wants A few year contract if not we run the risk of losing him

I gather Brad Arthur is waiting to years end to decide that his a shit coach, and he needs to start packing his bags and leave the joint????????????????

Wow that is what incredible but he signs players like Evans to 3 years and is playing chicken with a superstar that use to carry this team, like he did again last night at centre. If that was Inglis last night guarantee he would have got man of the match in a losing side, that is not something that comes along regularly. Compare what Jarryd did to what Jennings did and has been doing and what they are paid... Bernie u need to step in now and do ur job cause this clown has lost the plot

Bevan French should not be playing on the wing, gutho shouldn't be playing fb ATM.

Next week

1: J Hayne
2: G Leleisiuao
3: M Jennings
4: C Gutherson
5: G Jennings
6: M Moses
7: C Norman
8: D Alvaro
9: K Pritchard
10: T Mannah
11: M Nuikore
12: B Takairangi
13: N Brown

14: R Mahoney
15: S Vave
16: P Terepo
17: T Moeroa

Taka can not stay in the starting side, maybe of the bench or in Wenty. I would give Gower a shot.


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