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Anyone remember this guy from years gone by.
This guy got sacked by something like 7 clubs all for ill discipline behaviour.
I see he’s been picked up by Wenty and named at number 7.
He was there last week and picked up a try as well.
I doubt he has a Parra contract though.
I remember him debuting at the Dogs in 2008 and recall him scoring 2 long range solo tries in his first 2 games.
He got sacked after a handfull of games for 1 of his many stuff ups.
The last time he was sacked was cause he was caught by police with a substantial amount of pain killers of some sort without any prescriptions.
Bringing him up will probably be irrelivant but put it this way.
If clubs are willing to employ him after 7 chances then he must be a talent.
Who knows he can probably make a fist of our dummy half issues.
All unlikely but just a thought.

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is he 30 years old yet if not the Bush coach wont even look at him

You sound like a broken record Paul have you been taking lessons from chief
Well something is definately broken that's for damn sure
I say Taumata you say Taumata.

I prefer to watch this player


Why doesn't Tep play like that anymore

Because he can't play NYC any more

Because he is half that size now. Too light on!
No because his to slow. Needs to move into the middle. Imagine Brown on the edges, would be so more affective.

You have a point. We need Browns aggression on the edge.

there's ABSOLUTELY no way he'll fk up again I'm sure!!


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