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Awsome footy player, worse commentator ive ever heard call the game, the blokes fried he has no clue just talks so much shit and sucks so much cack.

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Rabs should’ve been put down 10 years ago . Now he’s just a blabbering old fool .  

wrong bob fav quote is  what an athlete .

Who wants to see my big cack?

Monto would

Obviously you haven't heard Hodges commentating
Has anyone noticed the growing and annoying habit of all Rugby League commentators saying "off the back of" in nearly every sentence? I don't think they even realise they are saying it.
It feels like something Sterlo might have come up with, but now absolutely everyone is saying.
I refuse to listen to Gould or Hadley.
Hodges is the worst

No where near the worst... Try listening to a game that Steve Roach is commentating on... HELLO?!?!?!


We were tougher back in my day... We wore concussions like they were a medal!

"We wore concussions like they were a medal" says Steve Roach as he trips over simple words, mis-pronounces player names, gets names wrong and talks nonsensically about rubbish.

Remember kids, brain damage is cool!

Nothing to do with worst Commenttor but why the Fcuk is Matt Nable doing commentary.... Is it research for his new movie role playing Rabs?


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