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There were only 2 Hayne blogs on the main page, so I thought we needed another.

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Dogs emerged from no where as contenders even know they have blown there cap go figure comin from the lurker so not trust worthy . People sayin he was our best player last year realise he’s just a polished turd amongst turds

Well said.

He's an imposter.

Hayne's been off contract for a week... just another week to go before he can join the queue at centrelink.

He's not worth more than the $500K we paid him this year, Hopefully this has been a lesson to him not to price himself out of the market.

Some deadshit club will sign him.

Come on down Saints.

I haven’t comented much about this but let’s go over the facts 1) he said he’s hearts in parramatta that’s why he’s taking a pay cut to come back and 2) he was out injured or playing injured for most of the season, if he performed all season like he did the last few games then I have no issue with a paid y rise but why does he deserve one based on those two facts

Yes, he played five decent games and took home 500k. That’s 100k for 80 minutes of work.

It took him around twenty rounds before he looked fit. This wasn’t the first season he has looked unfit.

He returns, we get the spoon. All his fault? Not sure but it is a coincidence and not the first time we have won the spoon with the best player to have ever drawn breath, in the squad.

Big news In Alaska: Jarryd Hayne just signed a two year contract to play ice hockey as a puck and also to run as the president of his fan club in Alaska, which consist of two rednecks, a drunk, and a baffled bear named Bernie

The last 3 lines l thought you were talking about how parra played this year.

i was



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