The Woke Olympics thread

I must say to date these Olympics have been the most enjoyable Olympics of all for me , I'm watchig with great anticipation to find out who will be the wokest of the wokest and catapult their careers the furthest into the shitpile in a great show of self sacrifice for their cause . 

Here are some of the front runners so far , 

* Will it be our woke victim darling of and newly discovered black Klan representative Lizzy the Grand Wizzy Cambridge ?  Who made the bold move of peaking pre Olympics and setting the bar high ? Lizzy challenged all to chase her without even hoping on a plane . Very experienced campaigner who not only came out of the blocks with a burst of speed but one upped her game with the addition of a mental health card . Will be hard to beat  paying $3 for the win . 


* Secondly we have the U.S woman's soccer team .  Regarded as the number 1 woman's team in the world , the team of all teams and led by the non binary, same sex , chose your gender at ages 5 , progressive household , 2020s version of David Beckham . If privilege was measured as a toxic males appendage, this team has been on a Johnny Holmes and Dirk Diggler spit roast.  Hopefully the Swedes wore frangas on those strap ons as that was a nasty bukake . Paying $1.75 for the win . 



* Or will it be our other home grown heroins The Matildas ?  The bunch who've grown up being privileged with the use of many scholarships for sports high schools , ellite institutes of sport , a dirth of Facebook likes and praise to boost their skills and one of the strongest women's comps in the world to learn their trade in ? 
 A team that was fortunate enough to narrowly beat the lowly ranked New Zealanders, a team that are still training in Dunlop Volleys so they don't wear their game day boots out , a team that waters down their Gatorade to make it last longer , and drinks Aldi brand NesQuick out of a Milo tin as real Milo will blow their tampon budget .  In a predictable  yet effective move the Matiladas dragged out the Cathy Freeman strategy of the Indigenous flag to further their media attention . Shortened up from $7 to $2.25 for the win . 





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  • Cant seem to edit , super can you put this in social threads please . 

  • lol

    I've started the stop watch. Let's see how long this one lasts...

  • How long will it be before the mens and womens versions of sports are no longer called mens and womens versions? We should come up with some names as replacements.


  • In the woke stakes, the US Women's Soccer team is a very clear favourite. 

  • Well without trying to  offend our female members here, but being 100% honest, if Eleven of the best 15 year old boys soccer players in Aus had suddenly identified as females, they would romp in the gold medal at the Olympics womens soccer. 

  • Great blog Wiz... very important in a social justice sense that we acknowledge the fine work being done by the woke community to completely ruin the sporting world and life in general with their poorly argued, void of fact, hypocritical, constantly changeable, nonsensical, anti-everything, made up on the fly, agenda driven... sorry, I mean 'just'... causes.

  • 99% of this bullshit is coming from entitled imbecilic female athletes, this is what happens when you let women into sport, it will happen in RL for sure.

    The grandstanding and disgraceful carry on from some of our female athletes and female athletes all over the world is completely out of hand.

    Good blog Wiz, this topic has me absolutely fuming.

    • when i see teams taking a knee, I have an overwhelming impulse to push them all over cow tipping style

  • Now I know it's only a pipe dream , but how funny would it be if one of them pulled a hamstring getting up and has to be substituted before a ball was kicked . 


    • The Lord moves in mysterise ways Wiz......cannot help but notice referees and lineswokes are also bending the knee, is that not an obvious sign of bias?

      PS having never played with a vagina (no pun) it may be that these delicate tissues need to be stetched before any activities commence.....we may have to ask one of our site experts from the woke side to answer that?

      Those markings on the field also look a bit cultish to me!

      To be fair though, they haven't got to the level of the mens game!


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Grunta ‘Family Guy’ Arthur replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"Sacrifice a sub and get him to take Mitchell out early."
16 minutes ago
Jack replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"We must win on the back of our defence, doesn't happen much "
21 minutes ago
Grunta ‘Family Guy’ Arthur replied to ParraTrooper47's discussion Stuart to Face a Ban
"Throw the book at him and make that book an encyclopaedia."
25 minutes ago
BringBackSemi replied to ParraTrooper47's discussion Stuart to Face a Ban
"I know what he said is out of line. But at the same time, the NRL force the coaches to do these pressers not long after the game. They are emotionally invested so they can often say stuff they regret later. How often when I'm pissed off not send an…"
29 minutes ago
Coryn Hughes replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"It's got to start with defensive line speed and doing all the little things correctly to win this one.Kick chase and make them come hard out of corners.Kick early make Latrell run don't wait until the 5th.Mix up our sets don't give them the same…"
30 minutes ago
paul taylor replied to Wile E. Coyote's discussion S&W and future of JA-BA
"JA was an outstanding school footballer at St Pats. He has played 10 NRL games or whatever it is.  I dont think he is terrible but he has no subtleness in his game to make up foor the lack of speed and toughness.  He has to be able to put a…"
33 minutes ago
Mick replied to ParraTrooper47's discussion Stuart to Face a Ban
"lol funny comment"
50 minutes ago
Mr Anguish replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"Just a thought....maybe we don't jam in ???"
52 minutes ago
Mr Anguish replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"Can u please pass this on to Brad...."
53 minutes ago
Elvis_the_eel replied to ParraTrooper47's discussion Stuart to Face a Ban
"One Raider's fan  posted on their site that the Raiders club should receive the harshest possible punishment.  Their suggested punishment was being forced th extend Ricky's coaching stint by 5 years.  
I thought it very funny!"
56 minutes ago
adnan replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
1 hour ago
paul taylor replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"WE have to play direct through the middle, off loads and then give Dylan and co room to square up his opposite.  Seriously dont know how we stop their signature plays.   If Waqa stays out and JA and Penisini slide we are a chance. Fractured line and…"
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Nightmare Off-Season replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"Bingo, Mutt.
I think Jake is going to have a tough night also, Latrell is going to be coming at him at full speed all night. Ice will need to be a body guard."
2 hours ago
Nightmare Off-Season replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"We defend as we did against Manly in the second half. No matter what is happening inside, Sivo & Waqa didnt jam in, they slid & gave time for Penisini & Opacic to cover. Saab had 4 line breaks in the first half, and zero in the second after BA made…"
2 hours ago
Muttman replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"Slide. Souths rarely hit the lead runner and almost always play out the back to a very deep backline. No need to jam in. Souths want you to jam in, they're banking on it. Move up and slide, they'll run out of room."
2 hours ago
adnan replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"wrap around play on our right hand side is where most of the points come from"
2 hours ago


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