The topic of Horse racing and the haters

Every year, the Melbourne Cup brings those who know nothing about horse racing into the interest of the betting agencies as they have a stake in a horse. Though as a big race gains attention, come out are the haters of Horse Racing in general. Now i am someone in different media; movies, music, sports etc. If you do not like something that i do not like, that is fine as it is all objective. If you do not like Footy, then so be it. If you do not like Horse Racing because it doesn't interest you? So be it, no issues there. The issue i have though when people become justice warriors, saying "I do not condone cheering an animal in sport for fun". Now this bothers me for a few reasons.

Firstly, these horses are born to run. Now not all horses want to at some point, fair enough, but most are born to. I remember my Dad's favourite horse when i was growing up was Lonhro. After his last race, he was paraded around Rosehill, crowd cheering and Lonhro was bowing his head as he walked past. Is that a horse being forced to race? How about his jockey Darren Beadman, used to say all the time he would sit back and coming around the turn his ears would start to prick back, Beadman would constantly pull him back to not go too early as he saw a horse in sight that he wanted to chase down. Then would give him a squeeze at the right time, off he went. Is that a horse being forced to race? Or how about footage i saw once at a provincial race meet, in the distance you can see a stable, there was a horse just lounging around. When the horse left the barrier he started running with them in the distance. Is that a horse being forced to run? Or the famous story of Phar Lap in the Agua Caliente, split his hoof and blood gushed out as he went lame on the straight, but kept going and won despite the jockey trying to putll him up. Is that a horse forced to run? Horses that breakdown, well that can happen just running around in the paddock. 

Secondly, these horses are treated like royalty. They have the best vets, facilities, food, vitamins, pools, grass, shelter everything they need they have. Now of course some trainers cannot afford it and do the best they can, but horses are royalty. Had these thoroughbreds been born in the wild their life expectency is way less than in training as a race horse. Now not saying all horses are treated the same, there is a sheer minority that get treated poorly. But overall they are treated well. Also, whipping is a big talking point.

Lastly, It does wonders for the Australian economy. Listen to Peter V'Landys a few years ago, he said simply that Racing NSW makes a lot of money and is needed. Alan Jones was the same too. Now they are promoters of the sports, but it is true. Racing is good for our economy. Now, if something is good for the economy but people or animals are suffering for it then of course it doesn't matter how much money it makes for the state and country. But in the majority it is good for the economy as the horses benefit themselves.

If you do not like horse racing as it is not your thing or simply just do not want to see an animal risk injury? Ok fair, but do not abuse those who enjoy. My dad loved horse racing a little bit more than footy, but he was also an animal lover. He was a meter reader, once he read the meter at a stable around Warwick Farm. As he went in search for a meter and came across a few horses sticking their heads out of their pens. He patted them and mentioned what beautiful creatures they are. It hurt him and myself seeing horses breakdown. It is unfortunate, but as mentioned it can happen just running around in the paddock or they starting acting up in the stables, kick out and shatter their cannon bone.

I love Horse racing, not just due to the betting, but the horses have their personalities. I love watching old races of the likes of Phar Lap, Kingston Town, Lonhro, Sunline, Might and Power, Makybe Diva, Manikato. Just in awe of those horses and the champions of today and just watching them, even benchmark racing from time to time i like watching as a horse could steam home at the end, such a great thing to witness. Even stories my dad would tell of horses like Tails who would carry on when about to be put into the barrier, would be a right pain in the arse. They would leave him alone then all of a sudden just walked into the barrier unassisted. Then would run well also.

Side note a great betting story from my dad, who taught me everything he knows about racing to me, well most of it. He was at Rosehill one day, looking at about mid 80's. His mate and him had a look at bookies for race 5, a horse named 'Imperial Baron' was odds on favourite, like $2.00, not budging. Though the second and third favourite were around $8-10, different bookies had them higher. Anyway, they thought no point he is going to win, save our money for next race. His mate went to get a beer while my dad instead made his way down to where they keep the horses to get them strapped up and that before they run. He loved just looking at them and the process of getting them ready, again he just loved Horse Racing and the analytics behind it. Anyway, he saw Imperial Baron mucking up, kicking around and then his front hoof kick a piece of equipment and starting limping. My dad looked on, as one of the assistants went to get the vet and trainer. After examination the vet said "No, good". So my dad rushed up to his mate and yelled out to put $50 on the second favourite, his mate saying in not such a polite way he is an idiot, but dad said to trust him and do it. Ended up getting the second favourite at $11, as soon as they did that over the speaker announced "Imperial Baron has been scratched". Second favourite went on win and $550 winnings.

Anyway, sorry for long boring story but Horse racing has a place in my heart, i could not watch or bet on it for 2 years after dad died, i used to always ring him for a tip or talk about a race. I remember i was watching at a pub with my mate one day and i didn't know what to look at for the day as i had been out of it for a while, and i legit picked up my phone to ring my dad, still had has number and was about to press call. That is how engrained it is on me. I love it and it's uniqueness.

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  • Wonderful story LB, you are one heck of a human much more patient than me.

    I started punting when I was 16, it held me in good stead as the knowledge and maths involved got me into dealing in the money markets.

    Thats another story but you picking up the phone to ring Dad, struck with me when my oldest son who is 46 rang me on tuesday with "any tips for today Dad" he is not a punter but I am sure after I pass that my kids will remember me on any big race day they happen to find themselves at.

    Your comment about horse cruelty is fundamentally correct but if you think the whip hurts them you are very wrong. Get hold of a jockeys whip (modern day) and you will see what I mean, you could belt your wife for an hour and it wouldn't leave a mark (in Wiz's case just horny).

    The people that want to belittle racing know nothing about it and the horses welfare.....the racing industry, racing, pacing and dogs is the 4th largest employer of people in the country. The related infrastructure is enormous.

    Anyone that wants to argue these aspects try starting with the human race and how we treat each other, horses do much better.

    • I should have gone into whipping more, it is like a ruler hitting your arm, it does nothing. Some horses shy away from it but some love it and use it as motivation to get going more.

      Thank you for the kind words Poppa, my dad did say he would never force racing onto us but would love it if we did enjoy it, towards the end i would watch Saturday races with him all the time and bet. I used to work Saturday mornings and get home at 1, when i got home i would hear the races in the distance with my dad already having it on with his eyes glued to the TAB form. I mowed the lawn once at the house and left the races on myself and i walked in and heard it and again had that "Is that dad?" moment. It is amazing that a thing like Horse Racing can bring memories back with my dad.

      I have another story. I was about 9 or 10 and my dad, brother and i were going to Parramatta game for a Saturday night game as we had season tickets, same ones as today. But we left early, realising we were going to Warwick Farm to meet up with my grandfather to watch the racing. I said to dad this is going to be so boring and why can we not just go to the footy? Well i was way off, i had fun, i loved it. Dad even let me had a say in a few bets, and would go up and put $1 on a place for a bit of fun. Watching the horse i chose run and cheer it on i didn't want to leave. Even better got to go to a Parramatta game straight after. It is moments like that where this sport is near and dear to my heart, NRL is my no.1 but Horse Racing has a soft spot, i neglected it for a few years due to it reminding me of dad and feeling i couldn't do watch or bet on it without him. Now i have embraced it and every time i get a good winner i can hear my dad praising me for it. 2017 Melbourne Cup i got my first winner in the race with Almandin and i studied it and proposed my reasons for backing it, when i cheered it on at home and got it i could see my dad look very teary as if he was happy i got into what he did.

      • Theres not a living female human or craeture that soesnt love and need to be whipped.

        • As long as the pleasure is mutual Snakey you are absolutely right.

          I was reading this morning about a guy who is going to be tried for torturing a 3 month old child, if proven guilty I would have no compunction in personally cutting his throat!....... I think there would be plenty on here yourself included in joining me......

    • Pops aka Mr.Hands, are you still banned from the Waterhouse, Freedman and Godolphin stables?

      • I wish i was close enough to know those stables Snakey old boy, just the same I have invested regularily on them  as well as Chris Waller's who I highly regard along with the Snowden's......strange my passsion for Parramatta is different emotions but eqally strong as any interest outside of my immediate family and life, which will always be my highest motivator.My only addiction outside of family would be sport aand even then my passions are narrow to some I see on here who have this much more amazing depth of different sports i.e. NFL and AFL have no interest to me and whilst I coached soccer at a junior level, it is also a game I have no passion intersts come out at Olympics and when Australia is involved in any sport.

        I am now a simple person with limited interests but have this terrible affliction with not tolerating fools which makes me very unpopular on here sometimes.

  • Just the hire a protester group on this weeks protest of the month.  Turning up in their slave labour made hiking gear with their huge carbon footprint smart phones , then returning to their stolen land inner city million buck plus dwelling to reflect on how much disruption they caused on every evil Murdoch platform they can find 😂😂


    Credibility level 0.  

    • You don't understand Wiz, glueing their hands to the road makes the government change their mind, didn't you know that?

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