• Colin I wonder what it will feel like walking in the Bush come Autumn time in areas where the fires have wiped out much of the wildlife. We have a lot of young birds just coming out of nests learning to fly around our place. These are the lucky ones for now. Many birds would have been cooked in these fires with no chance of survival. Those injured would be living a torchered life before they die. Breaks my heart thinking about them. Not much seems to have been said about this in the media. Thanks for posting—— unpleasant to think about but we all need to think about it . The world is changing rapidly before our eyes mate

    • Its an unknown Tad, animals and birds though are pretty resilent, for me as much as I hurt for the animals and those who have lost properties and loved ones, I am still angry regarding the ignorant governments along with so many in the green and protection movements that becry the annual hazard reductions of years gone by, where there was a lot of the wooded terrains burnt off in systematic ways that prevented the wild fires that we are seeing at the moment.

      We used to see the burn offs along railway lines around early spring inside the fencelines, made a huge difference in many areas, but those brigades were removed and contractors brought in when the government decided.

      We can neer stop droughts but we can take measures to have items in place that would help a huge amount, not the least a propossal that was put up back in the 60's with the big drought of that time repeated again in the drouht of the 80's and still later in other mini droughts, and that was to have desal plants at strategic locations along the coast, with pipelines to take the water from the coast over the range and to extend to each of the primary rivers inland.  It cost billions to put in a Natural gas pipeline from the Hunter Valley and another area through to Darwin for exporting to Asia, government subsidised at that, but the desal plants could have been built for a fraction of that cost, or what the subsidies cost.

      This drought will end, and could do from next year, usual times for the change is around the January long weekends, it will not help those that have suffered but there are people/leaders who just wring their hands, or someone else's for them in these terrible times. and gets up my nose.

    • Yeah..........especially as the majority of these fires have been deliberately lit.

      • Frank that has been the case for a long time. There is no consequences handed out to the Arsonists by the judiciary. These crimes are generally committed by juveniles 

        Many of these people are serial offenders. It is also a fact that many of these arsonists go on to commit further serious crimes including serial killings 

        • One of the worrying areas in this arsonist aspect is the amount of people who have signed up an done their Volounter fire training, accepted into the services and end up lighting fires and rush away, and wait for the call out. There has been more than a few of those caught over the past years.

          Other aspects as well is that several of the fires have been lit by minors who have taken matches to deliberately light them.

          What sort of penalty/punishment should be metted out to them?  Jail them and its simply a cost on the state to keep them, should their assets be removed, but what affect does that have on their own families who are put out of their homes as not fault of their own?

          Our legal systems need to be reworked to ensure the punishments fit the crimes, but the other aspect is that governments need to stop fiddling while the country burns, as they all try to point score against each other, the political leaders get up, especially the ones who are the governments leader, making speaches that sound so soothing and sincere, at every event be it fires or other issues, and once out of camera rangers, back to their real selves.

          As such governments need to be held accountable for their inactions over so many areas of neglect over the years.

          • I watched Parliament this week Coilin. What was talked about was how good the Economy was going, Angus Taylor, Medivac.The country is burning all over the place ,smoke pollution is affecting evyone in a big way.We are along way from fires and smoke is in our house..I can,t recall the fires was mentioned in any depth.. We are told not to talk about the contributors to these fires. The contributors extend to far bigger fish than kids starting fires.



            • Tad, that is my whole point with the spin doctors who are so called leaders, but leaders of what?

              As for the lighting of fires, the kids doing dumb and stupid things are real, but as they grow up, or should I say get older and not grow up, unless they receive some form of punishment to make them realise the enormity of what they have done, like the teenagers who decided to have a fireworks display out near Cecil Park in the past week when a total fire ban was in place, and started fires there.

              Children need to be sensibly educated as to the dangers, surelly the aspect of seeing an orange sun and sky should be something pointed out to them, as to the reasons and told in the classrooms of the damage thats been done, and the hurt to our native flora and fauna, that is part of education these days and not having game pads and thumbs machine or dare I suggest Dumbs machines in classes.

              • Colin you will always have stupid kids and adults around mate. How do you try and get away from stupid usually is with education and good parenting and punishments along with rewards to encourage good. That applies to the whole picture of irresponsible behaviours not only individuals but those spin doctors as well who try and divert attention elsewhere and cover up others who need to be included in the bigger picture.


                • Tad, problem is that outside of the fact and truth that you say is that there is always going to be stupid kids, and adults, there is a real need for leaders to not be the examples as they show a heck of a lot of stupidity in lighting other types of fires.

                  If you look at the education for them, it also needs to be started and shown to the parents as well, many of whom are not the type of examples for their own children and their friends.  You cannot legislate against stupity, nore can you educate a vast number of them. Sadly I have lived in areas where that applies, as the parents will not take responsibility for what both they and their children do.

                  I could give some very good close to the bone examples but will keep them out of this debate.

                  • Colin It is frustrating and maybe calling people stupid is not the right thing to say. People do stupid things and often know it. We will never have a perfect world,but I agree with you about leadership.It usually is the wrong types that step up for these positions. People may be okay how they start out as leaders but once in those positions their ethical position falls apart. They probably are Psychopaths in the first place and know how get popularity working for them and then they lose ethical principles around looking after everyone’s best interests.. Greed seems to be a core principle of the human psych.

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