Motor bike licence NSW query ?

I've googled and can only find mixed information about courses and shit. Has anyone done their bike licence from scratch recently that can tell me this . 

how long from the start of my applications / course will it take until I can ride a fat boy Harley ? 

ive got a gold licence and am over 40 .  I have a Fatboy here and I've been riding dirt bikes since I was a kid . So from the day I get my L's how long until I can ride my Harley ? And how many tests / courses are involved in between ?  Cheers 










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  • I hope you didn't get affected by my meme Wiz...... you know riding a "fatboy".


    • Oh! you want to do the riding?


  • Mate as far as I know, you do an Ls course, within weeks you do  Ps course then( 12 months on any bike lower cc than 650) then open licence. Thats how I had to do it, bud

    • Ahh so you still have to do the 12 months on ya Ps even with gold licence and over the age threshold ?  This is where I'm not able to find definite info online. Cheers

  • had mine for ever, but the process now is very lengthy.

    1. Do the Pre Learners Course.

    2. Do the L's knowledge test and eye test.

    3. No matter how old you must be on L's minimum 3 months.

    4. complete the Pre P's course and skills test.

    5. take your pass certificate and apply for your P,s licence.

    6. No matter how old you are but over 25 yrs old you must be on red P's for 12 months. 

    7. Being over 25 you can skip the 12 months Green P's and go straight to full licence.


    Whilst on L's or P's you can only ride bikes less then 660ml  "cc" and produces  under 150kw of power per tonne"  power to weight ratio ".

    so all in all minimum 15 months from L's licence in your hand to possible full licence riding fatboy on the road legal. But with booking courses etc etc normally takes a bit longer.


    Hope that helps. By the way I ride a fatboy as well 👍


    • Thanks mate, perfect info.  I have a 1997 with only juat under 10,000 clicks on the clock. She's an oldie but like brand new. Has been in storage at the old mans since about 2012 only taken out for services and a ride maybe twice per year.  Never had any real interest in getting it out and getting the licence officially until now.  Old age has motivated me to be able to legally ride it.

    • did the pre learner last weekend. 12 months on P's . if you're over 35yrs and no naughty behaviour during said 12, they should grant you your full fatty freedom. 35 not 25 was what old mate said at the course. 2 day affair 3.5 hrs per day. otherwise as previous blogs.

  • Get yourself a pushbike Wiz, I've seen your legs you'd look stunning in lycra - no licence required.

    • Haha got one .  I was planning on wearing the Lycra on the Harley .  Always the trend setter I am .  Just trying to work out how to cut the arse cheeks oit without the material fraying. 

      • Motorbikes are for gaylords that are too fat or weak to pedal. Trek's new Speed Concept SLR 9 triathlon/ TT bike has just dropped - you can get one for $18,299.00 :)



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