Have we reached the point of no return?

This is an interesting article which is a real worry----It is not only about climate change but serious pollution which has reached highly toxic levels where there is no answer for and much too late to do anything about anymore.


Why are Governments and news media not talking about this?

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  • Tad, because hearing about it and doing something about it detracts from our immediate lifestyle.  For the rich (and that includes Australia) their attitude is selfish and short sighted but when it comes to voting at elections most would prefer a tax cut than action to help future generations and the vulnerable. 

  • Tad, there are two situations that i cannot think about. By this i mean that my mind will not allow me to join the dots. I start to process the implications and.....it just happened then. One is Microplastics pollution. When it was found that the majority comes from washing clothes, when you think of all the other sources, the amount already out there breaking down.....the other is Crusteaneans being unable to build shell  to carbonisation of the oceans. Rising sea levels will fuck up a lot of people but Crustecean Extinction will end our story. No-one talks about how badly we have fucked up because, deep down, we know that we have fucked up.......we are part of the problem and none of the solution....because there is no solution....because we have fucked up and are continuing to fuck up at a still increasing pace.

    Who ever thought  that h.sapiens would be brought low by fucking about with the krill and molluscs.

  • Well you see the issue with all these world crises's, is that Australia whether or not want to help and do their part, however other countries bigger than us do not (i.e. China, India, Russia to name a few). If big countries do no cooperate like we are, then what ever Australia does no matter how much or how well they do, hell could even do 100% renewable energy, it is going to absolutley stuff all due to what other nations do to the world. Whatever we do is useless if others do not help, now USA and European countries are bringing in different alternatives to limited the effect of these crises's, though with countries like India, taking up so much landmass and tripling the pollution that most countries produce, then no matter what we do if it will be ineffective.

    Now i preface this by saying i am not into climate change and environmental stuff as much as others on the political scale, though i do respect the points of view and willing to assist where i can, I.e. i have installed solar panels on my house, granted it also lowers my eletricity bills but it terrific in gathering power and is great for the environment, though if did it and 100 other homes in my suburb did not then the world 0.05% better off if i did not have the panels.

    It is unfortunate and Australian's like to blame our governments (both LNP and Labor) for not doing enough or doing it slowly when in fact the blame needs to be shifted elsewhere to the countries that do not give a damn in the first place. I'd rather try and fail than be arrogant and do nothing at all.

  • Think of it this way , Tad .  Imagine your street is made up of 50 houses and each day 49 of them lights a fire out the back and burns 10 tonnes of rubbish and the other remaining house burns one plastic bag.  However the guy who burns one plastic bag decides to pay $1000 a week to take his plastic bags to the tip and the others decide to keep burning their 10 tonnes of rubbish a day. We ar the little house taking our plastic bag to the tip . 

    Now unless the houses in the neighbouring streets decide to get together and pressure the ones burning the 10 tonnes a day , what real effect is the bloke sending himself broke going to have on cleaning up the environment ?   We will cripple our economy chasing make believe greener options whilst the Gretas of tne world are parading around too scared to go and knock on China and India's doors .  These country's are loving us crippling ourselves chasing climate myths whilst they produce and dump their shit and become superpowers in the meantime therefore resulting in everyone being too scared to throw shade at their polluting. 

    can you not see this ? 

    • Exactly Wiz, spot on anology. Whatever we do despite how good and revolutionary it is, it will fall on death ears unless the rest get on board too.

      Though i will say, it is ironically funny how we have the big preacher himself Leonardo DiCaprio shoving climate crises down our throats yet spends new years on a private yacht which burns thousands upon thousands of gallons of fuel per trip, and promotes his new climate crises message movie "Dont Look Up!" using private jets to fly around the states to promote it, even better promoting a film that is released mainly on Netflix which uses the internet and electricity in order to watch it which depending on how the energy is produced is not good either.

      Are you really as concerned for the world as you make out you are? or are you concerned you wont be able to live the life you want and may need to sacrifice in order to keep doing what you are doing as you expect us to sacrifice? Though he is a terrific actor and my favourite actor it is rich them preaching as much as they do when their money is as good as ours.

      • LB, I think you will find that DiCaprio fights climate change as he heard it will devastate the worlds cocaine crop, causing human misery in the acting world and ending life as he knows it.

        • Hahaha that could be true Randy, never thought of that. I mean a group of celebrities that consider Great Thunberg an inspiration lose me automatically in any message they wish to promote, but their precious cocaine could be why they go to those limits ahahahah

    • .....and then everyone on the street died of lung disease.

      Because they had fucked up their street


    • Wiz, great points. On China in particular, their argument is: well, you (the West) have actually polluted & emitted far more than us over time & per head - to get ahead & enjoy your developed lifestyle. Now, it's our turn. And we want to be top dog.

  • Life goes on. 

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