World cup 9s insights

So watching the 9s, and it's clearly not the same level as test match footy but many of the smaller nations playing with pride and passion which is great to see. 

Firstly eels observations

  • Moses - looking very much a leader and steering the boys around. Good involvement and appears to be making the most of the opportunity. Great attitude
  • Gutho - his usual self, effort is great and is keen to put in 100:. I live the bloke and although he doesn't have the gifts or ability of a Tedesco he always puts in
  • NBrown - got a shot today and appear to follow Moses and it paid off.  I think thi I'd a great opportunity for him to get a view and understanding of rep footy culture
  • Taka - in the weakest of all the Polynesian teams, Taka was a standout as the Cook Islands beat Tonga. He looked lively and involved. Interested to see if that plays a role in him resigning with the Eels or anywhere
  • Moeroa - obviously on his way to rah rah but was strong and steady for the Cook Islands
  • Sivo - where do I start... Heart says the Fiji coach didn't use him right but my head says he is believing his own hype. Not overly involved, kept coming off his wing at the wrong time and when he had the ball just tried to run over everyone. I hope that the coaching staff at the Eels get him under control and we don't see a case of second year syndrome
  • Blake - may indicate how Fiji were coached as definitely not at his best but had some good touches

Other observations 

  • Australia in second gear with a 2nd or 3rd teir team still hands down the best country when it comes to league. Will only lose this tournament if they slack off
  • Tyson Frizell is a star. Not always thr most talented etc but jeez his effort is enormous
  • Wade Graham is a leader and no matter the Jersey colour is a great footballer
  • Jerome Luai is going to have a massive year for the Panthers next Yr if Cleary can manage him right. 
  • The young kid Nui, a broncs Jr, is pretty bloody good
  • Meninga knows what he is doing in terms of culture and pride in the Jersey. Not a good coach but a great man manager
  • NZ as always rocks or diamonds
  • England so bloody lucky
  • Jillaroos are all class and are fair superior to all others
  • Ali Briggenshaw could be the best half in the world at the moment and she should be the first women to coach within a first grade system
  • The only team that does Parramatta Stadium justice is the Eels, crowds are woeful as prices are rediculous
  • Finally, any footy at any time if year is always great

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      • BA’s game plan for Semi and Sivo was to tuck it and score tries. Sounds like he would be an ideal coach for Fifita 

        • I agree JE, it was clear that Sivo is still very raw and doesn't have great knowledge of the game or communication but he can run the ball and fend as good as anyone and been told to do just that.  A number of times he went inside when he should have stayed out or at least called inside which he doesn't appear to do.  

          He is great once gets the ball but doesn't understand when to go looking for the ball either.  If he went middle of field in 9s just to get a few runs he would have created tries for Fiji but it is clear Jennings and other Parra players help in telling him when he has come in and make a run.

          The test will be if he can learn this year to read  the game better and know when he is needed to make run to ease work of fowards without being told.


      • DFifita did show that is is still young in years and in experience. Had some damaging runs but did some dumb stuff choosing not to pass on a few times instead trying to bulldoze people. 

        He is a raw talent that could be as good as lolo or could become predictable too. 

        Worth a punt as a purchase but not overs like $1m.  For me he is at about 750k max atm.

  • I thought it was a great tournament, I also think that it is a better format for the women's game. The NRL simply has to perservere with it now. The problem is that the NRL simply doesn't perservere with these types of events for anywhere near long enough, it really has to become a fixture before the crowds really come to the party. 

  • Sivo prob just had the ‘miss M.Jennings blues’... he has been invaluable to Sivo development.

  • gutho played every game from fiji which he was the star,, again played every game at bankwest,, hes amazing and hes very fit... a standout with moses,, brown played well and was mals asst , on the side line when not playing, bad luck he ended with a moonboot on due to a ankle problem,  taka played well   for the cook island team night 1.

    but pulled out day 2 due to going to peats wedding , thats not good enough in my view, move him on, loves tweeter ..

    moeroa  played shit and looks to unfit and big, better in rugby no doubt..

    sevo, saw the ball once day 1 and scored, day 2 again had no ball, fiji surely wanted to lose..

    over all sevo defence was shocking.. it may help parra to sign him now on less money.

    blake went ok till he had a injury to hes shoulder,, end up in a sling.. not looking great. as he had surgery on that shoulder 17 months ago..

    over all parra boys went well.

    and moses and gutho  have only lost 2 times at bankwest, parra dise to them...

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