• 1. Yes and if not this year, we've entered our premiership window

    2. Eels will finish between 1-4


    3. We won't finish bottom 4

  • Not at this stage can you use the word champions, the first half of the question would need to be answered positively  to suggest the 2nd half.

    2 Hopefully top 4, more hopefully top 2......most hopefully minor premiers!

    3. Not worth considering, sounds like you wish it to happen.

    Good news Chiefy, you are making more sense this year by saying very little. Last year you had a disaster, what will we do if your poor record continues.

    • Why is finishing bottom 4 not worth considering?  2018 we were top 8 certainties to only finish with the worst record in the comp by far. Anything can happen poops

    • I like the World Champions tag. The NRL have missed an opportunity there Popy. Maybe they should consider you as V'landy's assistant !

      • I wish!

  • 1) We'll find out in October

    2) Top 4

    3) Gonski

  • 1 possibly
    2 Between 1st and 16th
    3 Nothing

  • 1.  Not this year

    2.  1-4

    3.  Sacked 


    Lot will depend how we start. If we get off to a flyer in the first 6 to 10 weeks, we are going to be a massive chance .   Need to start well IMO. 

  • 1. They can

    2. 2nd

    3. Sacked.

  • Helped by yet another easy draw ( you can't half tell the NRL  are desperate for the eels to win a comp ) the  eels will make the 8 but won't be able to match  it with top sides as always .   Parra had more possession and tackles inside the storm 20 in the si final and they  could not even score . 

    Unless a miracle has happened during the pre season it will be a case of the eels being world beaters against crap sides and big time losers against the top sides.



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