Wighton rumours heat up as 'fantastic' option emerges.

It is not gossip per say but Ryan Girdler has mentioned that he think Wighton to Parramatta would instantly make us a threat. Well yeah, he is an Origin player, even better at Centre. Only issues are price and compensation. Let's say Wighton wants to come to Parramatta this year, Canberra would want someone of not immediately, Waqa Blake wouldn't cut yet i believe he would be one we offer up. I have never been against having Wighton as he is super talented, just was a bit here and there due to it being somewhat unrealistic. Is it as unrealistic as first believed? I mean sort of but not as much as first thought. If i had to pick i reckon he stays at Canberra squeezing more coin out of them.


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        • Oh definitely I agree with you on that, but I am simply saying right now he is better than what we have and that's not a bad thing. If you are buying a player they should be better or project to be better than what you have. 

          Luke Kelly would be better than Blake.


          I do agree with you on pathways though.

          •  A chimpanzee on crutches would be better than Blake , you could actually train a chimpanzee to do a better job than Blake .

            • Heard some say play Cartwright in the Centre just to move Blake on, even TCT are mentioning it. When TCT, who are a very positive bunch, mention a back-rower should take your spot just to get you out it speaks volumes.

              Blake would thrive in ESL, athletic freak like him with pace, they wont care about his defence.

        • Frankie your spot on about the juniors. For a supposed development club we are a  shambles. Other clubs are not even interested in our nursery. What metrics are this board measuring our "development club" on? 

          • It will take minimum 3-4 years to get them on track fully, then another few years to reap the benefits.

        • They could have the best juniors in the world it wouldn't matter as BA does not like to give new players opportunities unless his hand is forced by injury. 

    • Haha the Steve Sharp jokes never get old Fongy....

  • Flegler Herbie Wighton would propel the Dolphins into contention next year IMO.

  • Just to make sure, only reason folks are saying we shouldn't try and get wighton is because he will be expensive right? No one thinks he isn't good? Just want to double check that.

    Im pretty sure we have just under a million left in the cap with 2 signings imminent as well as atleast 1 upgrade. I doubt Wighton comes here but if he does it'll be on a fraction of the 900+ he is on now.

    I think we could be joining the race to bump his price up at continue to heap pressure on the Raiders who are in complete disarray roster wise.

    • That is the only reason I am not believing the interest, price. If we are then I'm all in.

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