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Why do teams have nearly perfect discipline against us.

We have played terrible this year and have massive issues we need to fix but in yet another game we hardly received a penalty.  From the 4th minute till about 70th minute we didn't receive 1.

Penalties wouldn't have changed our season however it points to poor performances from refs and our inability to influence or talk to refs.  Why aren't our players in refs ear reminding them the penalty count.  Always see other teams do it and get a penalty pretty shortly afterwards

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Colin I don,t think players do dumb things out of choice. Money Incentives won,t make much difference--what will make a difference is having the feeling that you are successful. They simply don,t have that.

It worked before Tad, much of the incentives when teams are down is that players take the easy way out these days, and not just NRL players its rife amongst society.  Win Lose or draw may not be the abject example to get the best out of the players, but if they are not performing to a level that is acceptable then there should be some penalty, dropping them does not always work either.

The way I saw the game last night was they defended ok even against a side with their primary play maker back, and following a previous 30 point loss and not long back either. They were in that sense successful as far as the defending side of things went but they were generally hopeless with the ball and not successful.  They have had that in the past, so why the drop off?

Colin  why the drop off? Said it lots of times mate. When your confidence is down it doesn’t,t take much to trigger a downward spiral when things go against you. When Newcastle scored their 1 st try you could feel a noticeable drop off . They started full of confidence which was great, lots of ball as well. Why did Gutho miss a very simple kick for goal . It,s all to do with mental issues something which is not being properly addressed in my view. Pumping players up is not that hard to do. When the real pressure is on it’s a different story You. No longer have a choice unless you know how to manage that mental process — Not easy  to do—you have to learn how to do it. Some are capable to learn this many will learn to varying degrees

It is hard enough to attract players and compete with TPA clubs and now you want to use incentive based contracts.  We will never sign a player again.

It would also open club up to salary cap breaches if had successful season.

FM our players had a hell of a lot monetary incentives last night. I thing it was Sterlo who said players were playing to be retained on new contracts for next year. Many could see there 1 grade career end after this year.

Tad, and those who know that they are being punted do nothing to show that they can play in order to get another club to give them an opportunity.  With those out injured how many of the ISP players who are also playing like injured fleas waiting for the end of season swat and if they got promoted they would likely be worse than those running out in the NRL now, except perhaps the young players if they are allowed to play and upped to the NRL squad, 3 places still open which was not filled by 30 June that I am aware of.

FM. I'm not talking about the old system to take over, but surely if TPA's of a kind was on the table, payments under that set up could well be incentive based.  Way it is now be it the contract money or the TPA's the players don't have to perform, or putting it this way, they are not earning their salary amount and the TPA/incentives are more like so many industries they pay bonus amounts at end of the year. 

How much are some of the players on now? and are they really earning their wages or is it just part of how to set up for life on easy street and playing that way without a desire to win. They run on the field play well and score a couple of tries and as soon as the opposition scores they turn their toes up, and still get the same payments.

I thought the refs were ok tonight. ...the teams structure is absolutely woeful.  

We don't move the ball. Hence we don't put the defence under pressure. Catching players offside.

Because we don't put them under enough pressure.

Simple 1 out running and slow play the balls. We are easy to defend against. Which is why I don't attack the halves much even though they have numerous flaws in their own games they are given no chance. Earn penalties by pressuring the other side.

FM "

"We have played terrible this year and have massive issues we need to fix" I noticed in the World Cup soccer games they presented some stats on the number of passes teams make. I think it would highlight the year we have had if we did a stats thing on the average number of passes we make in each set. Compare that with our games last year.Compare that with the games we won and lost .Compare that withe teams at the top of the ladder and us. From my observations when we do have sets with ball movement through hands we look ok. Very easy to defend against a team which simply does one out runs.

Easy one... what's the common denominator in us and all the teams we play? Us.

We are the problem. Same old issue - a poor team badly coached.

You need to work for penalties - they are not just given for the heck of it. You get on a roll with quick play the balls and fast DH service - so the defence tries to slow you down = penalty. You dart out of DH to catch markers not square or offside = penalty. You keep an eye on the count and your captain keeps in the refs ear. We lack leadership, discipline, maturity and game management and without these things, we will always struggle.

How often do you hear "earned a penalty for his team". Quite a bit... sadly though, not often in relation to our hapless bunch. Much easier just to keep trotting out the same old "effort was there" / "shot ourselves in the foot" bullcrap.


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