Who would you swap for Lomax?

With all the talk that Flanagan won't realese him early unless he gets a good player. Who would you let go? 

Me personally I would let Paulo, Sivo or Matterson go fo him. Paulo just seems to be running in cruise control these days, doesn't have the same effect he once did. 

Lomax would be a great pick up and needed for our backline, we must go hard for him. 

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  • Jnr.....

    Back end of his career and he's not getting any better. We do have cover for him plus we can buy some youngun to bring through if needed.

    Leverage him whilst we still can IMO.

    • Exactly my thinking, need to have a build like rcg these days to keep up in the game. 

  • You'd release our Captain? He had one average game last week. He's been awesome off the bench. Without him we are a much worse team. 
    Flanagan may say what he wants but if he doesn't want to be paying $800k for Lomax next year he may have no choice but to release him now. I see both sides of this negotiation have leverage here. 

    • Totally disagree, other blokes can do the same as him now. He will fade out like he did last season. The game is to quick for him now. 

       Obviously it's sad whoever goes but it's a no brainer to me. 

      • Yep Jnr is at the end as far as value is concerned.

        We are better extracting that value with this deal then regretting it next year IMO.

        He may have 1 or 2 good years left before he becomes a liability.

      • Couldn't disagree more. We have no one to replace Jnr. His impact off the bench is impressive and it's obvious. We definitely need to find his replacement but that can be done organically and in a planned timetable. If Jnr walked today we don't make the 8. 

        • Paulo is a premier prop. He has virtually a unique skillset given his size, agility and ball playing skills. Our style of play relies on offloads and Junior is one of the best in the business. When you look at our prop depth, not a single one of them posses the same skills he does. The rest are bash and barge players.

          • It's all about how he starts his game, whether in the 13 or on the bench. I think he needs to tuck it under his arm and hit the line hard the first few runs, and think about the offloads later. Obviously more important when starting. If he goes straight to the ball playing his impact on the game isn't there.

          • Which is what I think his comment is all about. Fans just want battering rams. But a big, ball playing prop who can attract defenders and get a ball away with soft hands. That's such a weapon in todays game. 

            • Not at all Muttman, we can't keep going around with the same forward pack that lacks consistency and hasn't won anything. You need to change it up, Paulo is getting older and bang for buck is now is the only reason. 

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