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Who owns Parramatta Leagues

Hi this maybe a silly quesion but I have a mate who is a South Sydney supporter and bets his left b.... our club is owned by Castle Hill RSL in which I find laughable.

Can anyone dig up some dirt on who owns our club to throw at him ?

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        • I think it should read 1955 not 1965 at the start.

          • Great read Blue Eel.Thanks for the insight.I knew Arthur Drew when I was 14 and he would tell me all about the Parramatta players that were coming to the Club. Great fella and a real Gentleman

  • Club owned by its members.

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Wrong again Micheal but I do own the the poker machine just to the right of the gents. At least I will once I’ve finished paying it off. 

This reply was deleted.

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