who comes in for EVANS

After Evans was screwed over and suspend , who comes in.

I believe Alvaro will be promoted and bloody Terepo on the bench. I WANT Mannah on the bench. Yeah Snake I said it.

I reluctantly accept Alvaro.

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  • If they can only use a replacement from the current reserves than it’s their own fault. They should have chosen  a more suitable replacement. Evans was never going to get off we don’t get the same consideration as some other clubs we’re just an afterthought. 

  • I would bring Mannah in for sure, he would be awesome coming off the bench 

  • Plodder will again be dominated and all our momentum in attack will be lost.  

    Hopefully we get a couple of big name forwards next year and the plodder will then be relegated into oblivion forever!

    • Ones guaranteed . Need another.


  • this should fire up n brown no doubt,  look there is no concern , the top 30 players train most days together , they will be up to it, all are fit i am told.

    most went on a 2 day camp knowing kane was not getting off.

    there ready...no doubt, most also went to the wenty game win over penrith saturday then headed  to the central coast for blues camp training  , golf , traing ect.

    thisa will pump the guys... we will win and then kane can heaad for canberra..

    • Yes top spirit Robert !!! I am as sure as you are about the win this weekend however could instead be a Melbourne trip after that - who knows how the dice rolls ? Bring it on !! Go the mighty eels !!! 

  • I’d start with Moeroa if not Peni

    Alvaro must NOT start

    Haas n Fifita would Lov a crack at Alvaro in the first set, off for HIA and now 3 on the bench

  • Terepo starting

    • I'll take that. Could've been worse.


  • Agree that Alvaro can’t start.  He will get smashed opening set and risk another HIA .  Lose a bench number and mess the rotations around.  Need to blow them away with a fast start .  Terepo not morea only option 

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