What will our backline look like by next year?

1 . Gutherson

2.  Sivo

3. Mennings

4. Ferguson

5. Parry


Parry will need to be brought in to 1st grade soon - use or lose and is likely to come in as wing although he could play centre.

Sivo should have cemented the other wing spot by then. 

The argument to keep Ferguson on the wing iloses it’s strength with two strong kick returners with good aerial ability ready to take his place. Ferguson was a centre originally and should do a good job there for us.

Mennings should have a big year this year and will still be there next year. I thought he did  very well a lot of the time last year but had numerous very bad episodes, which will hopefully not recur

Salmon would be backup centre (unless he is partnering  Brown in the halves) We have a few young ones coming through who would be back up wing behind Gennings, who is a very solid winger but without the X - factor (assuming Gennings) stays when he could possibly get a starting spot at another club.

I am not expecting French to be here next year and not sure who would be back up full back apart from a backline reshuffle with Ferguson or Parry moving to fullback.


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  • Mennings would have to take a significant pay cut if he was to stay, I wouldn't pay him anymore than $400k tops and that to me is overs. Parry should see NRL action later in the season but with a huge turnover of players expected at the end of the year I would be surprised if we didn't pick up another quality centre. Ferguson for me is the best winger in the comp and he should stay there

    With so many players off contract at seasons end our team should look completely different in 2020.

    1. Gutherson 

    2. Fergo

    3. Mennings or Parry

    4. ??

    5. Sivo

    Backups Gennings, Salmon, Dunster and a couple of new recruits. Hoffman, GL gone, I also think French is toast.

    • Haha - I saw what you did there

    • Where do you think Parry’s best position is?

      He is going to be a big boy when he fills out

      • I notice the eels web site and teams page has both Parry and Dunster now listed but nil info on them as yet, although Parry is shown as a centre and Dunster as Winger. Faingi has also been listed as 2nd row, no stats either.

        Salmon will need to show his value this season as I see Parry taking one centre spot, unless we buy another recognised and experienced centre to partner him its possible, although I doubt it that MJ will be offered an extension, if it is it will be no more than a one year deal I would suggest, will he take it and at what coin, as his value has really slipped.

  • E Parry should be in the side next year he is a good prospect 

  • I think we'll see Parry at Centre before the year is out and that's the position he'll hold through next year.

  • 1 French 


    3 Gutherson 

    4 Parry

    5 Ferguson 

    6 Brown 

    7 Moses/Salmon 

    Im thinking unless Jennings has a big year we will sell him of to England club and Moses we wont resign 

    • I like your 1 - 7  Arnie, now 8-13 and 14-17 for 2020

  • I can’t wait to see Sivo play.

    Seeing him physically he’s an absolute unit probably still growing into his body.

    Really hope he’s in the starting side.

    Parry I’d like to see at Centre he’s got some decent size about him also.

  • OH FFS - haven't even kick the first ball for 2019 and already you are asking about *NEXT YEAR*sigh*

    I think it is the mentality of the fans that affects the team.

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