What we need to do

What does eveyone think we need to do or buy to be a premiership threat? I think we need to move gutho to 5/8 where he pretty much plays in attack and we buy a gun fullback. I think athurs time is up after 8 years, I don't think brown is a 5/8 needs to play centre or bulk up play in the pack. We should of went after nicho hymes! If sharks signed him we could of 

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  • Flannaghan 

    • yes agree

  • ifs and buts count for very little.

    Alot of what we need is there just need to get a better culture and mental fortitude we have a team that has the potential.

    What we need is a cultural shift this will come from the top

  • We missed out on JAC and Hynes, maybe Woods can play fullback.

    • Did we even chase either of them ?

      • Nope, no foresight, we don't even have hindsight. 

        • Frustrating as hell!

  • Why would we go after Hynes, when he could take JA's spot in a squad, wouldn't want his opportunities taken away.

  • Parra seems to have two diff attitudes, we win when the ball is let free, playing up though middle n supporting. We are a team where every single player needs to be 'on' for us to win otherwise we just 'compete'.

    The coach has to take heat here, the chooks n Raiders we're down on players but played composed to the man. Eels looked like thery were without leadership.

    our coaching staff cannot adapt the team to changing tactics, live. Messages to our trainers during the match to change the play don't happen. Arthur sits high up in the stands and can see the unfolding plays yet calls the team DUMB, wtf your the bloody coach, you can see your tactics are shit.

    I truly believe our squad has the players to win this comp but our coach does not have the tactical nouse to move direction on the run....live as it were.

    He either needs to go or CEO pull in some support. Oh and move Kidwell on he is wasted $$

  • We just need to play like we did in the first half against the Titans. Maintained our power game, but with a bit more passing. Power game across middle third is a lot different to power game of one out. Play like this then buy a gun back, to also give us that x-factor from anywhere on the field, and we would be premiership contenders. This just requires 1 player purchase.

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