What now? Heading into day 2 of the 9s.

So there you have it. We lost to an extremely understrength bulldogs team. Some teams came to this competition to win it. We were one of those teams. The bulldogs, whom we struggled against, were not one of those teams. Laughable perhaps, it's only 9s afterall, but any true fan would like to win everything and doesn't like when we lose regardless of whether it's 9s or 13s.


Certainly injuries are a concern and 100% of Parramatta fans would (should) agree they'd prefer to win round 1. But again, as I say, it's disapointing losing to a team that didn't play their top players. There sure are other teams that have come to win, we aren't the only team with NRL players. But for what ever reason we were favourites. Perhaps this was, at least in part, because we are known for trying to win these 9s comps. But alas it does not appear, for what ever reason, we are good enough.


So what now? I think we change our mentality and drop Gutherson, Moses, Ferguson, and Paulo. Obviously this means bringing in Smith, Gower, Dunster, and Utoikamanu. But so what? Even if we manage to beat the dragons, with this year's format there is no guarantee we go further anyway, so let's just acknowledge we made a mistake thinking we could win. Acknowledge we failed, and focus on round 1. Thoughts?

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  • If Sharks beet Dogs then Dragons are in the QF
    Therefore they would probably use that opportunity to give their lower players a good run

  • We are still in it;

    If the Dogs beat the Sharks the Eels have to win by 13 or more to go to the next round.

    The best case scenario would be the Sharks winning by between 3 and 19, that would mean the eels just have to win by any margin.


    • Yes lets support Sharks to win but not flog Bulldogs. That gives us best chance of progression as minimum winning margin against Saints is required . I am confident. 

  • By my calcs if sharks beat the bulldogs by six, we just need to beat the dragons to stay alive.

    • Yes, I made an error earlier and said it was  more than 3 but it's actually more than 5

      • All good HKF.

        But of course you realise if we don't win the tournament the entire season is lost and rugby league itself will die. 

    • Unless we beat the dragqueens by 13+

      Then we are definitely in and only rely on the sharks to win to finish top of the pool.

  • As I've always said, once you start relying on other results you're screwed. 

    • We relied on other results, got hit on the arse with a rainbow and lucked our way out of the pool. We're now in the finals portion where it's down to our own results.

      In these circumstances do we remain screwed, or have we unscrewed ourselves lol?

      • What do you always say in this circumstance Muttman?? Hahaha

        It’s good to see we’re starting to play some footy either way.

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