Was Ricky right to blow up?

So there has been alot of noise from the Raiders v Warriors game yesterday. Ricky has had another blow up in the presser, and a point that I found interesting out of this was the sin binning of Wighton for being deliberately offside, according to the ref. I'm no expert on the play-the-ball and ruck rules, so I've done a bit of research this morning, and as much as it pains me to say it, I think Ricky was justified in blowing up about this particular incident.

Here is what I have found for play-the-ball rules. The is from genral rugby league rules:


And this is from the NRL rules:


And here is an image showing Wighton at the time the ball is played:


From this point he sprints out of the line, so he would appear to be offside, but that is because the rest of his team move slowly off the line.

The ball was in play, Wighton made it back to his own goal line, and he didn't appear to leave early, so I don't think he did anything wrong here. Note the position of the ref in relation to the play-the-ball and Wighton. There is no way he can have any idea where Wighton is at the time the ball is played. He follows the ball after it is played, and the next time he sees Wighton he is out past the 10m line when the ball has been passed to the right side of the ruck, while the rest of his team have advanced about 4 or 5 metres:


Only natural that he concludes that Wighton must have been offisde, albeit in this case it just appears he is wrong.

What does everyone think?


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    • You are too fucking random to have reff'd at the highest level. If the warnings on your meds mention " May cause delusions" maybe its time to go back to the Doc


      • Piss off Randy, i don't doctor special needs kids.

        • Lol


          It's a dirty job but someones gotta do it. I'll start a fundraiser for him. I know you don't come cheap, and i suspect he needs both Vaginaplasty and a Lobotomy to become functional


  • Must be a week out from the finals. You know how I know - Sticky is having a huge whinge....will probably work for him and his team too. Unlike us who take early guilty pleas when we did nothing wrong. Useless. 

    • Yep. Ricky's right on time with his spray at the refs.

  • Watched this incident on NRL360 earlier this evening. The first photo does show him onside, but the ball hasn't been played peoperly as yet. By the time the ball is played, he's at good metre offside, so techinically the call was correct, but they argued the sin bin may have been excessive. Not having seen all the lead up, I can't comment on whether this was the final straw after a culmination of quick penalties.

    • Annesley reviewed this incident in detail in the briefing today. It was line ball at best. As with all rules, the play-the-ball rule has 50 shades of grey in it. The rule is that the ball must clear the ruck. The ruck is the area between the player with the ball and the marker. So where exactly is the point where it has cleared the ruck? Clear as mud.

      • Agree, why not simplify it, stay onside until the dummy half's hands make contact with the ball.

        • I agree. This rule, like so many others, allows for ref discretion, and we all know how well that goes...

  • If it was any other coach I'd listen, but pricky whinges so much it becomes meaningless. 

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