Vote --Matto's Back - Who drops out ??

Matteson will be back in this Friday's game against the Dragons.

Who drops out ?






Vote now 1.

It's going to be our strongest team to date and the team have a full roster..

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  • Khafusi 

  • Davey or Kaufusi. Probably Kaufusi, as Niukore, Evans & Stone cover our middle forward rotation.  

  • I think Davey is the better player,  but Stone is more valuable to our roster right now due to his ability to cover 9. I't gives us better balance and depth.  I' d go with Stone . 

  • Marata to bench, with Oregon the one to drop out. Davey has played well in his 3 NRL matches and deserves to be on the bench.

  • Davey, Niukore, Evans and Stone 

    Wouldn't it be nice if NRL went to 6 player bench because of Covid so that reserve players could get some game time. 

    With these 4 as well as Kaufusi and Peni (if he comes back) we would have the strongest Bench.

    Davey, Niukore, Evans, Stone, Kaufusi and Peni


  • Unless Davey is good in the middle he drops out

    Edge for edge

    The others are middle 

  • I'm thinking BA is merely going to rotate the bench to share the game time.  Whoever is up for a rest will sit out. Probably Davey.

  • I'll be filthy if stone is dropped or Evans. Stone is a dead set animal. I love the way He plays & I think he'll be a future leader of this club 

  • Kafusi is the future of this club. He made a couple errors last game but otherwise this year he has been very impressive, bending back oppoenents defensive line. Evans was first game back last week and was pretty impressive. Was very good of the bench prior to his injury so he will be there. Marata has been our best bench player this year. Marata actually played centres for Cook Islands a couple years ago so he can actually cover the centre position which means Davey probably comes out of the side. Stone versatility at hooker makes him a better option than Davey. Nonetheless, this is a great headache for BA to have. Infact BA could consider resting either Lane, Paulo or RCG for 1 game since its only the dragons and we got plenty option to cover them.

    • If you look at Trent Robinson he always rested his players the past couple years even if they had no injuries. This is the perfect chance to rest any key players so they are fresh for the back of the year football. This is a luxury barely any other team has, and BA should take advantage of it. 

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