Vegas 2025 opener!!

Does anyone want Parra to feature in the opener next year??? 
nrl would love for us to go. 
one of the biggest supporter bases. 
penrith are apparently on board. 

what do we think? 
battle of the west hits Sin city!!! 

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  • no only because some ppl can handle a drink in the team

    • Ikr  Adnan.

      From ABC "Players from the Brisbane Broncos and the Sydney Roosters clashed in the corridors of their Las Vegas hotel as the fallout from Leniu's alleged racial slur continued."

      Good Times


  • I have pretty good mail that the NRL wanted panthers eels there this year but neither Cleary or Arthur wanted to do it. Maybe Cleary figured with the world club challenge it was too much. Arthur apparently turned it down because of the disruption it would cause to the pre season 

    • I can understand Arthur feeling that way hindsight it was a mistake.....but I don't like criticising people in hindsight as much as learning from the experience.

      I hope the executive of both the football and leagues club can learn by this and be hyperactive in putting themselves forward with a promotion package of "dollars" to make their application are standout for the next time.

      That said I suspect we are not an entrepreanial club and don't think that way....possibly explains many things actually.

      • Poppa I don't mind us turning this down. With all the reforms the club has gone through the last few years, I think it's in a pretty good position off the field. The one thing that is missing is on-field success. The club is under more scrutiny than every other in that regard, so if the club decided our best chance at winning was to stay home, I'm ok with that.

        Will be interesting to see the form of the four vegas teams over the first half of this season.

        • Milky your right about the recovery of those 4 teams, I suspect they will have some difficulties, but that is just a road block that can be unscrambled by these pioneers.....more research will be done and I suspect a lot has already.

          What i don't accept is the missing on field success, we have been successful, winning competitions just happens when you are doing most things right. An example would be why are/is Parra so unattractive to some players we might want to attract. I think the Westie image and staidness is just the reason. We need to be like Vlandys and grow a set and have a crack at new things and opportunities......the alternatives  being lost in the ruck with the also rans is too easy for us........"scrutiny" is an interesting "paradox" who is scrutinising who and what's the agenda? Don't hold back going to a new level for the sake of a premiership......I have been following this team since the beginning of the 60's and trust me premierships are great but not as big a deal as some on here "covet". 

          I am not talking about  coaches and players (like a simple minded Chief) but us being the powerhouse we should be.....create the powerhouse the winning falls in line simply.

      • Why was it a mistake? 

        Our priority is to win a premiership.

        • It's the old chicken v egg theory. 

          Yes, it's about winning the premiership but we won't do that if we don't promote an environment where the players can grow. 

          Fix up the environment, be adventurous, grow the brand and the players will come and we will win premierships. 

  • Do we have the style people want to see

  • The Panthers had a valid excuse for sure. 

    It was such a shame that the Eels didn't go. If the decision came from Arthur directly , that would just consolidate my opinion of him. The exposure to the brand is so bloody important. We have supporters in other countries that have interest in the Eels and wanted to see them live. It's no coincidence that the progressive teams with big hitting business support with true acumen were there. Forget the game, those business people were there forging relationships with heavy hitters in luxury suites, talking about the opportunities and benefits that await with partnerships with the brand.  They were also talking about pathways for NFL players to play our game. 

    There are some serious athletes over there that could really give our game a shake. If there are partnerships created, it would be mutually beneficial to all.

    Also it's about growing the brand. People go on about the lack of Americans at the game, really ? Even if there were only 5k new supporters at the game, they are not going to buy or be interested in the Parramatta Eels, no they will buy a Roosters or South's jersey and tell their mates this is the team I saw in Vegas, let's follow them!

    Next year, every team will want to go but we are still of the mindset of a sausage and bread out the back team that despite all the chances the NRL give us, we refuse to grow. We just have to get out of this ma and pa business model and get going. We have a great club, good players and a sleeping giant of a club but again, we are held back by amateurs in the coaching squad and small minded amateurs in the administration.  

    The Roosters send Trent Robinson over to the states all the time to soak up training techniques and importantly make connections, what do the Eels do ? Where does Brad Arthur go to evolve and learn ?? If ever a club needs a heavy hitter professional coach with a reputation, then it's the Eels. 

    The first thing the Eels need to do is grab Trent Robinson as the coach, it's not because he's a great coach but he has the ability to move this club into the 21st Century.... But we won't.. clubs like Souths recognise the importance of getting celebrities to wear their jerseys. Taylor Swift has millions upon millions of fans who would walk into traffic if Swift did. Taylor Swift in a South's Jersey is immeasurable. KC merch has gone up 500% since Swift became involved.  Brad Arthur probably thinks Taylor Swift is a 1950s country singer !  I know they have Russell Crowe as a supporter but we need to foster a heavy hitter of our own, grease that wheel, get them to promote our brand.... It's so very important!

    In fact, I'll go as far as saying that promotion of our brand is more important than winning the competition. Souths have won fruck all for years but are zooming with brand awareness. Success will come with South's because players want to be involved with clubs that are in style and aware of trends because it opens other money making opportunitites for them outside football.  Who do you think someone like Laterell wants to play for ? Souths so he can associate with NBL stars or sit at home with the Eels ? 

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