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Unicorn question - Why shouldn't BA be sacked

For all the remaining Unicorns on this site - this is your last opportunity to save Arthur.

Why shouldn't BA released ?

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Lol Wiz

 I don’t believe I’m a unicorn, in fact I try my best to call it as I see it. In the case of BA getting the flick I think the answer is simple. If the club can sign a head coach that they believe will do a better job than BA has done throughout his time at Parra then he should be replaced. Maybe they have someone in mind to replace BA but that person isn’t available until 2020. If this is the case then I guess BA should stay, but all future new player signings and re signings should be put past the new coach before going ahead. At least that way the new coach wouldn’t be coming into a squad that he has had no input into. There is no point in making a rash decision into changing the coach and not getting the right person for the job. If I was on the board and looking into a new coach I would put a few simple things in his contact. 

1. I would only sign a coach to a 2 year deal.

2. The team would need to improve each year for the coach to earn a future contract. (Subject to injury and so forth)

3. The head coach would be in charge of picking his coaching staff and assistants. Therefore any failures would be his doing.

4. Junior player development would need to be greatly improved.

Because he won't find a job anywhere else. Which other club would be stupid enough to sign him as coach?


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