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With the Dow Jones in the last 5 days losing all the value it had gained since November, Trump has issued a statement saying that just as he was fully responsible for the gains he must therefore accept full responsibility for the losses. 

“My Bad,” says Trump

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At least we can both agree there PM, the whole pepe things just a gee up from the right to the left as you prob know PM, r/the donald took him on as their mascot during the elections for those not aware of the situation

just to make it clear i in no way support any type of neo nazi garbage, the pepe memes are just a send up of the whole situation and just a light hearted tool to troll the left.

Example, if i was called a nazi online by a leftist id throw one of these up for some triggering bait.

Reality is poor pepe is just an innocent sad frog caught in the crossfire.

Hes innocent.

Im not a leftist or a right winger but I know a shyster when I see one. Donald walks and talks like a conman and has the history to back it up.

Buy gold , lots of gold . 

Hold on Prof Trigglypuff, when they were going great you said it had nothing to do with him, now theyve taken a hit its his fault?

Fek you professors have had your brain prolapse out of your ass.

Snake, the time stamps suggest it took your brain about 17 minutes to get out of first gear

A politician who accepts responsibility for the bad as well as the good. F##k him off that not way a leader of a country meant to act....

Did he really accept blame never know what to believe from media now days. Was there even a market crash????


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