Tristan Saylor?

Tristan Saylor has just been let go from the dragons. In my opinion he has huge potential and was never really given a proper go. He can play fullback and in the halves. Should parramatta go after him to put pressure on both our halves and fullback spots? 

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  • He wanted out of the dragons because he wanted more game time, do you think he would come here knowing he won't get it here.

    • Yes that's true Mick, I would start him at 14 and he could probably play anywhere in the backline......he can kick with both feet as well which gives us a left foot option, which is very similar how the Penrith halves operate.

      Back to your point, it seems that BA needs to be encouraged more to give us a wider look at some of the young up and comers we may locate.

      • Don't grt me wrong Pops, he provides a bit of X factor, in the backs only, don't think he could handle dummy half workload, that's what you need from your #14.

        • Suppose your right Mick, I could see all sorts of switches when it comes to dummy half, but when you see Reed Mahoney I don't think size is that big a deal..... more to the point if Reed got injured in the first 5 minutes, Sailor would not be able to play that role for the rest of the match you would imagine. That said maybe Guth or Dbrown could switch to dummy half..... oh Oh!  I can see the sharks circling...Lol

          I just would love to see some with a bit of skill to compliment our attack, this kid is a talent I'm convinced of that.

    • NO dragons let him go. So he can want something all he wants but he would still need to earn his spot like everyone else. 

  • yes great young talent thinking he will end up at the bronks though 

  • No thanks. 

    • I will guarantee you have never seen him play Mont's.

      • Safe bet 

  • To be honest Rusty, seen him play one game and thought he has skills.   Just worred that he is Bevan French 2.0.   Back 3 need to be serious yardish makers and the little fellas struggle when jammed in corners.  Obviously, they come into their own in attack zones.  Surely we must have some local kids coming through we can slap in at the bargain low rate and bring them through./ 

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