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  • Wtf 2 weeks for touching a reff. Lol they high 5
  • It certainly makes you wonder........

  • What the hickety heck????!!!!
  • That is seriously messed up! I can't say I am surprised though
  • Nice Professional look from an Un-Professional organisation.

    Todd Greenburg will brush it under the carpet and pretend as if he never saw it.


  • This reall needs to be questioned sent further. Players were missing games for touching refs last year. This is clearly a bad look on the game and shows they were defiantly against us this game.
    • Good point! so nrl like isn’t it... even yesterday’s taboo rule is always old news a few months later 

  • Hmmmmm... I am usually the first to say the refs aren't corrupt. I usually put their mistakes down to human error, poor judgement, laziness, stupidity, lack of awareness etc.

    But I can't defend this. I am at a loss. This is disgusting. I hope they come out and explain it because I love my footy and this is hurts.
    • No matter what reasons the NRL give for this incident, none of them are of a professional nature!

      Officials should be made to identify players by number only, as well. Total garbage to expect to be called Sir after approaching a player with "Ay Clinton!" An exception would be the Captain.

      Hi fiving, low fiving, secret handshakes, winking, etc. between officials and players is absurd! I'm all for the ban on players touching officials but why the double standards here? 

      Also bullshit is the coaching some players receive during play! Statements like "you've been offside the last 3 tackles" or "I won't warn you again"  is hard to hear when we're behind! The refs counting penalties and discussing on-field performance is another joke!

      • Pretty sure Brisbane got warned 3 times last night that if they gave another penalty someone would be binned. 

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