• Actullally I think my eyesight is getting worse.....probably the seatbelt is interfereing with it! Lol

          PS Remember when you said I probably was the one that got you banned and my reply was I couldn't think of anything we had been involved with to do that.......from what I now understand it was nothing to do with me.

          No worries no harm done, good to know.

  • I can't see Rodwell making the top 17 to start the year in front of:

    Paulo, RCG, Brown, Papilii, Matterson, Niukore, Lane, Kaufusi

    • In front of Kaufusi imo

    • Still a bench spot there up for grabs. Plus if Rodwell is going better than papali or Nuikore , he should get first crack because they are leaving. 

      • Nah can't agree with that

    • Mate, 5 are starters and 3 will be bench spots, I'd give him a run ahead of Kaufusi, otherwise injuries will see him get his shot.

      • Cartwright as well. Injuries will be the only way Rodwell makes the 17 in round 1

  • If he gets in the 17 it's likely to be at kaufusi's expense. 

  • Every post is a winner for Rodwell with Kaufusi off next year the opportunity is there for him to ply his wares.It will all start pre season it's a good buy because with thee addition of Grieg there aswell that last prop spot there's competition and that's what you want within your squad.

    Especially the way we play we want big mobile impactful Fowards it's what our game is built around.

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