The Trial Matches

Just wondering if anyone know if the trial matches which I think begin this weekend coming are televised live or not?

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  • i think they are on fox

  • and kayo too. 

  • I tend to skip the trials it often either gives me false hope or I'm ready to write the season off straight away

  • Can I ask, how were the teams that are going to Vagas picked? Because if this sport takes off, I'm sure people will devote their time & money out of the clubs that are playing. Who going to know everyone hates Manly? 

    • The eels were offered to go but declined as did panthers 

      • In terms of supporter base we are the most followed Sydney club out of the nine, we overtook South Sydney in memberships 1-2 year ago. If we were asked and declined then fair enough but if we weren't even considered that would make no sense. You want your biggest clubs/most supported clubs going if you are trying to promote a sport.

        • I reckon you want the teams with the flashiest players. Tackle breakers. The Roosters and Broncos were both top six last year. Rabbits and Sea Eagles weren't real good, but they were better than us. The only team to break fewer tackles (per game) than Parra last year was Canterbury.

          • I'm glad we are not going 

            imagine gutho doing an ACL during that utter rubbish tour 🤷‍♀️

            would suck 

            • Yep. And imagine Dylan Brown on the vodka cruisers in Vegas.  Good decision not to go lol 

              • Oh man yeh 

                he would prob be on a three day bender  lol

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