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The stage is set

This is all plain to see the nrl is rigged see it's all about money parra sell out there game = $$$$ so parra will be in a gf this year not because of ba but nrl pre planned before the season kicks off they set who has to be in the gf 

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  • This gent has NFI  

    • Say saddim

  • We do bad, and the game is rigged. 

    We do well, and the game is rigged.

    So why do you watch the game you? There is no pleasing some people.


     Sorry but your comments in regards to this subject are totally incorrect. I would say that at least 75% of Grand Final tickets are sold when they become available, usually in July. The NRL only keep a limited amount of tickets that become available to buy the week before the Grand Final. 

     However, if the wrong 2 teams do make the Grand Final some ticket holders may decide not to show up and that isn't good. Other than that I very much doubt the NRL would be majorly concerned with the teams in the big one.

  • This is ridicules

    • Pot, meet kettle.

      • Pin dick meet brain

        • Dear dickhead.

          Please stop being a dickhead. 


          The Rest of the World.

          • Grow a pair pinny

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