The stage is set

This is all plain to see the nrl is rigged see it's all about money parra sell out there game = $$$$ so parra will be in a gf this year not because of ba but nrl pre planned before the season kicks off they set who has to be in the gf 

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        • How's that cud going old man I would like you to meet your new wife heffer the cow perfect match

          • No thanks I don’t need a new wife I had one for 55 years so I’ve no interest in your mother or any other woman. 

  • "Dear NRL, there are too many finals teams. Please eliminate three. PS I am not a crackpot." - Supermaneels.

  • Supermaneels,

    You would have to be the dumbest, paranoid, witless, uneducated , uninformred. uncouth individual on this site, and that is saying something considering some other offerings. 

    If the N.R.L. want need Parra to help with their finances, where were they last year? The G.F. is sellouts regardless' 

    With your twisted mind it would be impossible to enjoy our greatest victory which broke a lot of records. 

    B.A. has been much maligned, including myself, but we must give credit where credit is due and heartily congatulate the players and staff.


    • You are the most dumbest fuck ever do you think I really believe that parra are going to make gf you dick it's a piss up you don't have any funny bone in your body just a scrooge old fuck they won because they passed and scored ba sytke is Melb 30 years ago wanker 1 man out so ba will not get shit but the door plus playing drongos ain't mean shit Melb 50 parra -0 roosters 60-0 Canberra 60-0

      • Please tell at what stage in life  will you ever wake up , all you do is bag anyone who say anything to you , you carry on like a little child in the school ground   grow up  this site does not need your shit 

        • Always a Arab How's bubbler you are the cry baby child I can take it like a man not like you baby 

          • Dont you every get sick of being proven wrong , you had us going out in the first game of the semis  now go back to cleaning the car park at maccas  before the rain comes 

            • Your the cleaner fizzy bubbler I am right you dick I said u pass u score u win what happened they played 1 man out dopey bubbler

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